A single image on the wiki isn't appearing

Time Turner

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Time Turner said:
Is this image (File:Boomerang SSB4 Wii U.jpg) appearing for anyone else? For some reason, the image is not displaying at all, and that includes its past revisions.
I made a series of posts on the wiki collab board about not being able to see this one image. Other people can see it, I can see it on Firefox, but for some reason, Chrome just doesn't want to show me that image. Any ideas as to why this happened?
A couple of dudes have mentioned that Adblock (or any of your extensions, check them all) is the culprit, try disabling it. Otherwise try to preview the image in incognito mode. This way, we can see if it's some cache shenanigans
This is the end of the prolonged discussion on the Wiki discussions, it ended rather quickly once it touched the helpboard. This place has it's magic.