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i want to update the beta elements article, but i cant, neither its talk, can some one paste this into the first part of the paper mario section

===''[[Paper Mario]]===
Early screenshots of this game showed that [[Poochy]] was going to play some sort of role in the game. Another screenshot showed that [[Nep-Enut]]s were going to be in this game also. Also the early version of [[Forever Forest]] showed that it would be much smaller, with all the forest's trees having sinister faces. ''Paper Mario'' was also originally going to be named ''Super Mario RPG 2'', though due to complications involving [[Square Enix]], the makers of ''Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars'', the name was changed to ''Super Mario Adventure'' and later ''Paper Mario''. Also, it was originally in development for the failed [[Nintendo 64DD]]. However, it was released in cartridge. A screenshot had also shown a strange, beta [[The Whale|Whale]].

The release version of the game contains some scrapped [[Badges#Paper_Mario_2|Badges]] that can be accessed with a gameshark or similar. A fully functional [[Dark Paratroopa]] enemy exists in the ROM, as well. Finally, [[Goombaria]]'s name and icon are both present in the game's list of partners for Mario.

Mario has a different look in the beta version, having the kind of eyes he has in Super Mario Bros 3, instead of the final black dot.

Image:SMRPG2_BetaScreenshot1.jpg|<center>''Paper Mario'''s title screen from when it was called ''Super Mario RPG 2''.
Image:PaperPoochy.jpg|<center>A beta-screenshot of ''[[Paper Mario]]'' with [[Poochy]] in it.
Image:PaperNep-Enut.jpg|<center>A [[Nep-Enut]] as seen in a beta-screenshot of ''[[Paper Mario]]''.
Image:papermariobetaforeverforest.jpg|<center>A beta screenshot of the [[Forever Forest]] with trees in ''[[Paper Mario]]''.
Image:Smrpg2.jpg|<center> An early screen shot of ''Paper Mario''.
Image:Paper Mario Beta Partners.jpg|<center> Unused partners remain in the game's code.
Image:Mariorpg016.jpg|<center> Entering to Koopa Village
Image:Supermariorpg2proto01.jpg|<center>A beta Dry Dry Desert
Image:Mariorpg8.jpg|<center>A beta Goomba Village
Image:Ninjak.jpg|<center>Beta Ninjakoopas
Image:Betatt.jpg|<center>A beta Toad Town
Image:Battlebeta.jpg|<center>A beta Battle
Image:005.jpg|<center>A beta Yoshi's Island
Image:Bbattle.jpg|<center>The icons are different
Image:Betabattle.jpg|<center>Another beta battle
Image:Betamenu.jpg|<center>The pause menu looks different
Image:Betahammer.jpg|<center>The action command for the hammer is different

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