When are you the most active?


The Cardinal is dead -- long live The Cardinal!
I've already pretty much got everyone's timeframes down (creepy, huh?), but post your activity timeframe here.

I have no life, so I'm always here unless I'm not home or asleep. But I never sleep.

*braces for another phail thread*
Free Loader said:

This help?
Aw, I was gonna do that. But now I have to post something original.

I'm usually on the chats around 8-10, but occasionally I'll be on all of my day.
No. You're gonna tease me.

*recedes further back into hiding spot*

Hey, wait, this topic isn't as stupid as you guys made me think it was. We had the age thread, and that info is easier to find than this.
Gah, I was fooled!

Hey, you know what I just realized?
This silly off topic conversation is netting us posts.
Back on topic (before the mods behead me), I was dead on earlier; the only time I'm not active is when I'm in school. Which is kinda sad. ._.'
Around 12:00 to 3:00, cause those are the times my parents let me use the computer the most. I have time limts for the computer at my house, because my parents use the computer alot.
I'm too lazy to check, but I believe I'm most active between 3pm and 11pm.
During most the day on breaks, about 3PM to 5PM on a average day and maybe some other time before 11 PM.
In the afternoon/evening, specifically around 5-10PM here on the forum. Of course I visit the forum much more than that, but that's usually when I might post.