ACNL Party Thread


Glitchy said:
fuck you nysic now i'm in trouble
well when someone's dicking around, i like to use the power button much faster than you did

especially if you're at odds like that and another person is afk

Glitchy Bowser Jr.

"Stuff it, sponge brain!"
I actually didn't think to press power until a few minutes later which lead my parents to think I was just not listening so now no 3DS until Monday and I have to get off all electronics at 10:30. I need to try to convince them that I actually was getting off.

EDIT: Now he's debating whether it should be the Wii U and computer. But I'm not sure if he's going to.


Power Star
ugh fuck i'm sorry

i somehow missed the fact that you had to go so i was still messing around
that was my fault and i'm sorry


does anyone still play? we haven't gotten together since before welcome amiibo so it would be cool to view campsites etc