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OK This what you're gonna read may sound stupid but that's it: PLEASE DON'T LAUGH AND I MAY NOT REMEMBER SOME PARTS OF IT (July 2007)

Mario was married to some gal called Rita until 1982, he lived with her in Mr. Lakitu's Inn (DON'T LAUGH), one day... Mario in his old car (Opala 1977) and was coming back home when from the tip top of the inn a bad woman with pink hair threw a baby from there, Mario got desperated, got out of the car and the baby fell on some thrash bags (so the baby didn't die), Mario took pity on the baby and took her home (the pink haired freak disapeared in the shadows), when the poor Mario got home, Rita acted like a freak and said "THIS BABY IS YOUR DAUGHTER, YOU HAVE A MISTRESS WHO HAD A DAUGHTER AND SHE DIDN'T WANT HER AND GAVE TO YOU!!!!!!! I'M OFF FOREVER!!!!!!!!" Mario couldn't even explain and Rita locked the door and vanished forever. The poor guy got sad but decided to take care of the baby and he talked to Mr. Lakitu who owned that inn for 10 years he said don't worry. In the other day, Mario who was very sad and got the divorce (how fast) left the baby with Ms. Julieta (his mom) and went to floor 2 (the top) where there were only two big Coke packages and some useless stuff (Mr. Lakitu left all these things there), up there he met a woman called Mara (this woman here http://gallery.rangercentral.com/showphoto.php/photo/47121) DONT LAUGH and she said that lived nearby, she also saw that Mario was kinda upset and ivited him to have some coffee in Mr. Lakitu's cafe (inside the inn), Mario got happier and went with her, talking while on having coffee Mario fell in love with her and her with Mario (how happy!) and they decided to date. Now let's introduce the other people from the inn:
Wumba: indian descendent
Ice: the guy from Colgate Ice Toothpaste
Yoshi: The golfer
Mr. Grubba: The guy who guards the cars outside
Bonkers: a guy that i dont remember what he was
Ms. Aurora: She owns a little loan bank inside the inn
Ms. Julieta: Mario's mother who lives with him
Shady Koopa: the safety guy
Master Poet: the guy interested in buying Mara's house
I can't remember the others

After some time, Mario and Mara decided to get married and name the baby as Violet. They got married with Ms. Julieta approval and they had some problems with i dont remember who. Mara sold her house to Master Poet and decided to live with Mario and Ms. Julieta. At this point Paula (a person who looks like Peach) and Bonkers arrived there and asked a loan for Ms. Aurora and decided to live in the inn (the rent is very very cheap) I don't remember the rest of it
10 years after

Mara and Mario were living happily when that Rita person appeared angry at Mario and revenge seeking, also the pink haired freak kidnapped her own daughter (Violet, remember?) to make Mario suffer, Rita shot Mara with a gun and the pink freak took Violet to the tip top again this time for killing her (reason unknown) for once and for all by a fall, meanwhile Rita was going to shoot mario in the outside, Grubba tried to stop her but couldn't and right before the shot Mara somehow used a Mirror that pointed the sunlight to Rita's eyes who shot upwards and right on the Pink haired freak's heart making the pink freak fall instead of her "daughter", luckily the shot on Mara wasn't dangerous and the Rita person ran again (being arrested afterwards). then i dont remember why Mr. Lakitu married Ms. Aurora and everyone lived happily forever. at least until The Battle of the Century... (if you want to know about this battle started by Grodus, please tell me.)

Now what do you think about this story???
You didn't need to make the same topic in two different boards dude. And please try to refrain from double-posting.
Now the Battle of The Century: Angry because his first 6 plans were frustrated, Grodus called ALL the villains from the world (Bowser, Porky Piggy, and lotsa evil people) to help him in ruling the Universe they helped him his plan number 7 intitled Grodus, Three Times Greater for no reason. Grodus made the ULTIMATE arena like DEAD OR ALIVE stuff to kill all the heroes :O and an epic battle happened :O that would decide the destiny of the Universe :toad: the only relation to the story above is: the same characters are in this one. And that evil Rita tried to kill Mara again (she's not random!!!!she's the best pair for Mario!!) Mara revided and somehow the narrator of this story gave powers to every character with Mortal Kombat like finishes!! (so characters: NEVER complain the narrator!) :toad: because of these powers she could perform what I call Infinitelity (this word just doesnt exist) an final smash that causes the victim to be placed in an bottomless pit.

Grodus even with ALL the villains couldn't beat the heroes and had to come back home. Porky Piggy decided to NEVER be Grodus ally again because his plans suck.

If you wanna know who Porky Piggy is... REPLY TO THIS PART OF THE STORY