What do you expect to get for Christmas?

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With the holiday season upon us and Christmas fast approaching, what do you expect to get? Personally, I want an SNES, but that's confirmed to not happen. I'm also hoping for Portal.
I guess some Christmas candy would be cool. I never even got the chance to make out my wishlist. :P
*A few Monty Python DVDs.
*A history thing.
*A Weird Al CD.
*Crash of the Titans.
*Wii Music.
*Raving Rabbids: TV Party.
Oh, yeah, I also want a file converter. The free versions are too annoying to use. :-\
Money, chocolates, (hopefully) a Mythbusters marathon on TV.

Ya know, the usual. I'll be buying Guitar Hero World Tour with the Christmas money I get, tho.
Mario Kart Wii

I used to have one, but it got lost at some other guy's house....

And around here, they don't have the game in stock.
Since it is now Christmas, inb4lock.

This topic was less of a success than I thought. I'll try again next year.
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