Dr. Who: The New Series

Favorite Dr. Who Time-Traveler

  • The Tenth Doctor

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  • The Ninth Doctor

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  • Rose Tyler

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  • Martha Jones

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  • Mickey Smith

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  • Captain Jack Harkness

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  • Donna

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How many of you guys watch the new Dr. Who Series? I had one of my British friends ship the First Series from England. He also recorded the Christmas Invasion and New Earth. Anyways, if you have watched the new series, who is your favorite time-traveler? :koopa:
I know us Americans haven't seen "The Runaway Bride", but for any of you Englanders, I added Donna and Martha Jones.
:koopa: :koopa: :koopa: :koopa: :koopa: :koopa: :koopa: :koopa: :koopa:

Er... ask a TV nerd. I never watch TV. Seriously. Except when a rerun of SMBSS is on.
I have.... apparently it was mentioned in a Paddington Bear book. :P

No seriously, I have. Weird show. :shock: