Bring on the Bad Guys

Bring on the Bad Guys

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Sir Grodus

King Bowser
Retired Wiki Staff
Here they are, the vilest archenemies of Nintendo's greatest heroes, vote for who you think is the best, or should I say worst. If someones not up there, post them down below, also, heres some information on the bad guys.

Bowser: You all know who this guy is, everyones favorite, giant, firebreathing turtle-dragon-with-a-habit-of-kidnapping-princesses. Currently at large and in charge.

King K. Rool: The crocodile with multiple personalities and a messed-up mind, K. Rool seems to have a thing for ruining the Kongs' day. Currently at large.

Ganon(dorf): The resident near-embodyment of evil in Hyrule, Ganondorf wants ultimate power and will do anything to get it. I don't know his current status, but I'm pretty sure he's dead or something.

Ridley: The last of the space-dragons, Ridley has apparently been responsible for the slaughter of thousands and has a huge arsenal of claws, fangs, spikes, flamebreath and on occasion, missile and bomb-launchers. Ridley's currently on ice, literally:

Giovanni: A millionaire and ruthless leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni will do anything for power, no matter what. His current status is unknown, having seemingly disappeared off the face of the Earth.

King Dedede: The gluttonous and greedy self-imposed ruler of Dreamland, Dedede seems more mischievous than evil, but meh. He's currenly at large.... very large.

Andross: As crazy as they come, the ape Andross aspires for galaxy-wide rulership and chaos; last I heard, he was apparently a spectral entity or something.
Has anyone ever seen that pokemon comic with Giavonni as a main character? Mam, he was so awesome....

And is'nt Ganon trapped in that dimension-box or something?
I'm not sure about Ganon, I'll have to look it up. And I think it was Pokemon Adventures you're thinking of and yes, it was awesome; why! why did they discontinue the North American version!

I did not know that. I found some kinda collection book....

Anyway, here are some forgotten guys.

Master Hand
Boss Cass
Never really heard of the last two, aren't they from Kingdom Hearts 2 or something?
I think King Boo was sort of forgotten, because he hasn't appeared as a boss since Mario Kart DS. Despite being released in 2005. But I saw
he was going to appear in a board in MP8! But not as a boss. So I really
think they've just kept him out of the main series for a while. But instead
they only keep him in the spin-off series.
NO they arent. Marluxia is the boss of the GBA Kingdom Hearts game , and Boss Cass is from the little known Ty the Tasmanian Tiger.
Yup, I figured that out. Thanks, though. I had to Google Boss Cass. Kingdom Herts = weirdness. Totally. :shock:
Ridley is the only vaguely challanging boss on the list.

Unless you count those accursed coins in DK64 as part as K. Rool's challenge. What a loser.
3dejong said:
But the DKC King K. Rool is tough.. if it's your first time playing a DKC game.

And don't forget Kaptain K.rool in DKC2. He was very hard.
I vote for Bowser.

Sure, he's not as vile and completely twistred as some of the others, but he's a funny and endearing character. He never ceases to entertain, and I always look forward to his roles in upcoming games.
Lets see, Ganon is in first, Ridley, K. Rool and Giovanni are in second, Bowser is third and Andross and King Dedede are last. Poor ape and penguin/duck.
Don't forgrt Giavonni. I voted for him, for numerous reasons.
3dejong, I make this complaint with the utmost respect to you, but you seem to purposely steer most threads you post in completely off-topic. I don't have any authority on these boards, and I don't claim to, but I'm just requesting that your posts have more relevance to the topics you post in, as opposed to saying something simply for the sake of saying something.

Ah, man, I hope I didn't come across as rude. Like I said, I'm trying to say this politely, and it is only a suggestion.