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Re: Kaiju Cinematic Universe

Kong vs Godzilla Fan Trailer. It's the first one I've ever done. Therefore its not 100% perfect. So comment thoughts below.

Also snuck in a suprise after the credits



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Title change since MonsterVerse is the new official name for this shared universe.

New Kong TV Spots with lots of goodies.

"The 1954 tests weren't tests, they were trying to kill something". Of course we know that to be Godzilla. Nice tie in there to the 2014 film. Also, giant octopus? Getting major King Kong vs. Godzilla flashbacks. Loving the creature variety on Skull Island.

Based on the new title and other comments from Legendary in the past, i wonder is this universe will contain more than just Godzilla, Kong, and other Toho creations. I believe Warner Bros. has the rights to The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, Them!, and The Black Scorpion. Seeing these classic American monsters show up as well would be very cool.

Minor note: Since I last posted, the name for Godzilla 2 has been announced as Godzilla: King of Monsters.


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Just got back from Kong: Skull Island. This was essentially a big budget b-movie monster flick, in all the best ways. The monster action was incredible, brutal, and inventive. Kong himself was great and the Skullcrawlers made for great enemies.

The characters are a little flat, with Goodman, Jackson, and Reily being the most engaging. Especially Reily. Loved his character. For this type of movie though, I don't mind flat characters.

Holy shit I was shaking in my seat during that scene I was so excited.

"Kong's not the only king", followed by images of not just Godzilla, but Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah as well was awesome. And then the roar. It was like the theater shook. Goddamn I can't wait for the rest of this cinematic universe.


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im trying to decide whether to see this or not

it looks gorgeous and I'm getting a kinda Pacific rim vibe - well, in that there are monsters - but Pacific rim also had actual characters and was handled by an expert filmmaker

so I'm not sure whether it's worth it


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Legendarys MonsterVerse

You know, if the MonsterVerse keeps on being more successful one movie after another, chances are someone will get the rights to Gamera to cash in on the giant monster success. If Kong Skull Islands success is any indication, I think this has a very good chance of happening. My wish is for Legendary to grab the rights to Gamera and make him part of the MonsterVerse. He could be Godzillas doppelganger, another alpha predator who shows up to bring balance to the planet. Man, this would be an awesome matchup Godzilla Vs Gamera by Legendary pictures