Blade Bro.

-Sea Warrior-
Why does everyone say posh is so kool? He's just a :posh:
I ſay, are you inſulting me, ol' bean? :posh:
You dare to insult the posh topic? :posh:
Smiddle said:
Stooben Rooben said:
Smiddle said:
The_Chozo_Yoshi said:
Free Loader said:
Blade Bro. iſ ſimply NOT poſh. :posh:


In normal, un-poſh scummy modern Engliſh, "ſix'd" would be pronounced as "six'd", ſo fix'd.
Oh...so that's how it's pronounced...

I'm just curious, how is this a forum game? Shouldn't it be in the off-topic forum? ???
fire MARIO bros said:
Bobbery: hey old boy.
I ſay, that was very un-poſh, old bean. :posh:
SHOP! *shot*