Paper Figures


Proud to be a Toad
I've made some kind of paper figures of some characters. It's really cool, because they really pop out.

I've only had the time (and the paper) to make :yoshi: & :toad: (I made Yoshi for my friend) but I'm certainly gonna make more, think Bowser, Peach, Luigi, Mario, Daisy, King Boo, Goombas, and maybe some MK items.

And special for you, I'm gonna tell how to make them.

What you'll need:
- images of the characters you want on photopaper
- a laminator
- a piece of cardboard (not like a box, more paper-form)
- scissors & glue

Step 1. Print some characters on glossy photopaper with the size you want.
Step 2. Cut them out around the edges, so not just a circle around it.
Step 3. Laminate them.
Step 4. Cut them out again with a oval like shape (as shown in the picture)
Step 5. Glue them on cardboard.
Step 6. And guess what, cut them out again with an oval shape.
Step 7. There is no step 7.

Just try one. They'll come out beautifully. I will show the other ones if I make more.

Greetings from the Netherlands Mushroom Kingdom!
Or Toad is just small.
Looks kind of cool. Reminds me of Danish pastry, actually...

Edit: Yay I was the first one to comment using the word "cool".
That's pretty cool.
Cool :). I used to do something like this except I just printed the character and laminated it. :P