[SOFTWARE] Raptr - Gaming social networking?


Chain Chomp
Hi guys,

I just spotted (and signed up for) this program. Essentially, it's like X-Fire, in that it allows you to track (supposedly) your games, and how much you play them.
It differs from this by having an activity feed not unlike Facebook, adding support for Wii, PS3 and XB360 games (and of course your X-Fire, Steam, GH3, Spore and WoW accounts) and support for social network notifications on FriendFeed, Twitter and Facebook.


It has clients for both Mac and PC (using Adobe AIR technology) that will not only allow you to launch games, and view friends' activity feeds, but also will automatically update your games if needed.


If you ever decide to get an account, let's post ours here and get some MarioWiki love going! :>