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WackyWario is coming your way!
I'd like to ask a Chat Sysop to Un-ban me from the chat. I was banned for no specific reason! I was away, surfing the Wiki, and when I come back to the tab, it said I was banned! Please help! :'(

-The Wacky Wario-
Flame? I didn't flame ANYBODY! I just need some help. :-[
If you were banned, you were probably banned for a reason. As a chat op, I will note that we really hate when people argue bans. When we dislike someone, we tend to be more irritable, and ban more easily. Just saying.
Bean said WW should have been banned for flaming RFM three hours ago, so Shrooby did. It lasts for 2 weeks.

EDIT: Upon further review of the chat log which I maintain as much as I can, he didn't do a DAMN bit of flaming from the time he got on. Not even a mention of RFM. Bean/Auto, you screwed up big time.

EDIT2: Never mind, this is Userpedia crap, which I don't like to get involved in.
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