Scribblenauts Crazy Creations and Spawned Items Thread


One Tough Cream Puff
I didn't see this thread yet, and figured why not make it.

So far, this is my showcase
Maxwells Notebook
This is a randomness tool. It spawns any object with any adjectives if you hold and use it. It could be a normal K, it could be a Crazy Suspect Bear. This is great if you just wanna experiment!

From Bottom Left to Top Right- Future Neo, Super Neo, Storefront Neo, Fire Neo, Neo & Young Neo
So, OCs. Pretty much. I have some backstory, but then this thread would be moved to fan creations *ba dum tssh* (oh, and i'm okay with it being moved there). I MIGHT make them objects soon, complete with behavior.


I like food. Well, pretty much everyone does. And i'm pretty sure a food monster would be cool. And this is that. Well, it could NOT be cool, but still. Anywho, he has backstory too. Aand he's already released

Etc. Objects 1: Keyblade + Tube Pokey
I can explain these two quickly- Keyblade is a reskinned sword, and Tube Pokey is a reskinned Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man


yknow, the guy from Mario 2/USA? yeah, him. He's a WIP, as you can tell. He currently has no mouth, and attacks anything manmade, metal, or materials, all matching a key. But I can't seem to get him to ONLY attack keys, or people holding them. If i can't do that, I just need to add a mouth.
I unfortunately don't have the steam of unlimited or any unmasked version yet. Sorry not sorry
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Aand. Yeah. Exactly. So, if you have any creations, show em off and see what people think!