Known Issues - Updated 10/5/2009

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The following is a list of known forum glitches and other forum related problems. As more problems and fixes are found, this list will be updated.

To report an issue or possible solution, please either PM a Mod about it or create a topic here on the Help Board.

Current Problems

-[glow][/glow], apparently, isn't working how it used too. It just highlights now.

-[shadow][/shadow] doesn't seem to work anymore.

-Polls can still be edited by the topic creator after a topic has been locked.

Solved Problems

-The color tags do not work when used with an url.
Solution: The color tag must come inbetween the URL tag. Vice versa and the default URL CSS takes over. In simple terms:

[ url=][color=blue ]MarioWiki[/color][/url ] gives you MarioWiki


[ color=blue][ url= ]MarioWiki[/url ][/color] gives you MarioWiki.

-The "Upload Avatar" selection seems to breakdown at random intervals.
Solution: This is a server side issue and can't really be solved at this time. If you have trouble uploading at avatar, try again later (these downtimes tend to only last for an hour or so).

-The [ move ] function seems to be missing.
Solution: This was due to a previous version of the forums having an error in the script. The problem was solved in a forum update a while back.
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