Who do you support for the 2008 US Presidential Election?

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Garlic Man

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The off-subject discussion board is slowly being brainwashed by the Mindless junk, and we need to have sane subjects once in a while.

Anyway, if you don't live in the U.S, or don't give a crap about politics, then you probably shouldn't be here. In November, the new president will be elected, and to discuss the pros and cons of each candidate; Barack Obama and John McCain. Also, no racist comments please.

EDIT: There is now a poll on this thread. Vote for your candidate! Just 3 more months till who the next pres. is decided!
I don't care about this crap, but

i barely know who the crap mccain is and i know all about obama

By some freak coincedence, I just found out that the day this thread was created, August 4th, happens to be Obama's birthday. :eek:
I know the McCain brand (for fries, McDonald's uses them), but not the person.
How does no one know McCain...? Oh well. Paper Striker, do you live in Germany? Obama made a speech there recently. Apparently, Obama's approval rating is 65%, while McCain is only 6%. It's a matter of digits! It's no wonder you don't know McCain.
Paper Jorge said:
Mccain should loose. :'(
^Total agreement. I mean, McCain would just be Bush all over again!