The Official Crash Bandicoot Thread

Garlic Man

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Yay, Bandicoot. It's the only Sony series I like(have, rather). I've had Crash 1 and 3 on the PsOne since I was little(as in, 4 years old). I also found 2 in a store this summer in Japan, so I got it.

I didn't even know the series was still going on after that, but I looked at the gameplay, and it didn't look so good. I think the first three platformers, developed by Naughty dog were the best. 3's time attack feature was awesome.
ChaosNinji said:
1, 2, and 3 were the best. The newer ones were subpar.

Do you have all 3? I have 100% on 1, 100% on 2, and 104% on 3. For 3, I have 22 platinum relics, 6 gold, and 2 blue(I only found the hidden levels recently).