think about your own fight style in paper mario


Best cat themed touhou. I love touhou and DR.
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choose your own attack moves (must be mario related)
species: koopa,parakoopa,hammer bro, fire hammer bro, ice hammer bro, fire bro, ice bro, boomerang bro,fire boomerang bro, ice boomerang bro, magikoopa (choose your color), koopa( choose shell color), buzzy beetle( choose shell color), lakitu, fire lakitu, ice lakitu ,goomba,ice goomba,fire goomba, spiked goomba( choose spiky shell color), paragoomba,fire paragoomba,ice paragoomba,gloomba, paragloomba,
spiked gloomba.

if done choosing one put your name( it needs to be an alternative name)

the fights are gonna be like the ones at the glitz pit but i´m need to make an alternative name for the pit so bring the best ones you can and when the naming of the pit is done the fights will start.