Nicknaming Mario Kart Wii Vehicles

It all started with King Boo's Jetsetter and how it looked like the Mach 5. I've decided to call it "Mach Fear". Then there was WArio Jetsetter, which I've nicknamed the Mach Fart (silent, but deadly). Next thing you know, I have something like this on my User page:
=My nicknames for the vehicles for each character of Mario Kart Wii=
==Small Characters==
===Baby Mario===
*Booster Seat: Goo-Goo Buggy Mk 2
*Mini Beast: ???
*Cheep Charger: Red Herring
*Tiny Titan: Famicom Monster
*Blue Falcon: Blue Falcon Jr
*Bit Bike: Fire Ant
*Bullet Bike: Biting Bullet Bike
*Quacker: ???
*Magikruiser: Kamekruiser
*Jet Bubble: ???
===Baby Luigi===
*Booster Seat: Rattle Buggy Mk 2
*Mini Beast: Piccolo
*Cheep Charger: Blurp Buggy
*Tiny Titan: Green-eyed Monster Truck
*Blue Falcon: Green Falcon
*Bit Bike: Lightning Bug
*Quacker: Plucky Bike
*Bullet Bike: Green Gira
*Magikruiser: Slytherin
*Jet Bubble: Minty Bubblegum
===Baby Peach===
*Booster Seat: Peachy Stroller
*Mini Beast: Piglet
*Cheep Charger: Coral Kart
*Tiny Titan: Royal Romper
*Blue Falcon: Pink Falcon
*Bit Bike: Fairy Bike
*Bullet Bike: Bullet Jill
*Quacker: Swan Bike
*Jet Bubble: Bubblegum Bike
*Magikruiser: Glinda
===Baby Daisy===
*Booster Seat: Daisy Stroller
*Mini Beast: Zoey
*Cheep Charger: Racing Nemo
*Tiny Titan: Frazzle-Dazzle
*Blue Falcon: Citrus Falcon
*Bit Bike: Honey Bee
*Bullet Bike: Bouncing Bullet Bike
*Quacker: Rubber Ducky
*Jet Bubble: Orange Soda
*Magikruiser: Tattypoo
=== :koopa:===
*Booster Seat: Squirt Stroller
*Mini Beast: Noko-nokoncerto
*Cheep Charger: Noko-nokarp
*Tiny Titan: Swamp Thing
*Blue Falcon: N'yellow Falcon
*Bit Bike: Inchworm
*Bullet Bike: Gameboy Killor
*Quacker: Kappa Bikey
*Jet Bubble: 7-up
*Magikruiser: Noko-nokomek
===Dry Bones===
*Booster Seat: Chauncey Charger
*Mini Beast: Timeless Jalopy
*Cheep Charger: Mini Orca
*Tiny Titan: Black Bear
*Blue Falcon: Dark Falcon
*Bit Bike: Skelobit Bike
*Bullet Bike: Classic Bullet Bike
*Quacker: Kara-Quacker
*Jet Bubble: Dirty Bubble Bike
*Magikruiser: Black Magikruiser
=== :toad:===
*Booster Seat: Shroom Stroller
*Mini Beast: Toadofsky
*Cheep Charger: Dory Dasher
*Tiny Titan: Herry Monster Trucker
*Blue Falcon: Not-the-Blue Falcon
*Bit Bike: Mini Mush Bike
*Bullet Bike: Little Bill Blue
*Quacker: Donald Bike
*Jet Bubble: Mushmellow Bike
*Magikruiser: Sorcerer's Apprentice

*Booster Seat: Strawberry Stroller
*Mini Beast: Baby Natasha
*Cheep Charger: Sushie Speedster
*Tiny Titan: Telly Monster Truck
*Blue Falcon: Magenta Falcon
*Bit Bike: Pixie Bike
*Quacker: Sweety Bird
*Bullet Bike: Samus
*Magikruiser: Kammy Kruiser
*Jet Bubble: Soap Bubble Bike
==Medium Characters==
=== :mario:===
*Classic Dragster: Red Girder
*Wild Wing: P-wing
*Super Blooper: Mach Squid
*Daytripper: Sonic Sneaker
*Sprinter: B-Dasher Mk 2
*Mach Bike: Machio Bike
*Sugarscoot: Pepper Mint
*Zip Zip: Firebrand Dash
*Sneakster:Shadow Mario
*Dolphin Dasher: Blu Delfino
=== :luigi:===
*Classic Dragster: Green Pipes
*Wild Wing: Super Leaf
*Super Blooper: Blooey
*Daytripper: Kuriboh's Shoe
*Sprinter: Green Blur
*Mach Bike: Mr. L
*Sugarscoot: Wint-O Green
*Zip Zip: Green Missile
*Sneakster:Mansion Lurker
*Dolphin Dasher: Verde Delfino
=== :peach:===
*Classic Dragster: Toadstool Speeder
*Wild Wing: Pink Panther
*Super Blooper: Ursula
*Daytripper: Light Tripper Mk 2
*Sprinter: Peach Dasher
*Mach Bike: Pearl Bike
*Sugarscoot: Peaches 'n' Cream
*Zip Zip: ???
*Dolphin Dasher: Little Mermaid
=== :daisy:===
*Classic Dragster: Sarsasa Dragster
*Wild Wing: Cape Feather
*Super Blooper: ???
*Daytripper: Light Dancer Mk 2
*Sprinter: Daisy Dasher
*Mach Bike: Golden Bike
*Sugarscoot: Lemon Drop
*Zip Zip: Dashell
*Dolphin Dasher: Free Lilly
=== :yoshi:===
*Classic Dragster: Cucumber Mk 2
*Wild Wing: Dragon Dragster
*Super Blooper: Calamari
*Daytripper: ???
*Sprinter: Dino Dasher
*Mach Bike: ???
*Sugarscoot: Key Lime Pie
*Zip Zip: ???
*Dolphin Dasher: Sushi Bike
=== :birdo:===
*Classic Dragster: Subcon Speedster
*Wild Wing: Black Cherry
*Super Blooper: Birdo Blooper
*Daytripper: ???
*Sprinter: Birdo Dasher
*Mach Bike: Mach-genta Bike
*Sugarscoot: Raspberry Jammer
*Zip Zip: Rapide Ribbon
*Dolphin Dasher: Magenta Mermaid
===Diddy Kong===
*Classic Dragster: Kongo Classical
*Wild Wing: Flying Monkey (Fly, my pretties, FLY!!)
*Super Blooper: Turbo Squidge
*Daytripper: Monkey's Paw
*Sprinter: Red Hot
*Mach Bike: Mach-nkey Bike
*Sugarscoot: Cinnamon Roll
*Zip Zip: Chimpy Charge
*Dolphin Dasher: Crimson Dolphin
===Bowser Jr===
*Classic Dragster: Koopaling Kart
*Wild Wing: Paratroopa
*Super Blooper: Fried Calamari
*Daytripper: Koopa Cleat
*Sprinter: Bowser Dasher Jr
*Mach Bike: ???
*Sugarscoot: Koopa Cake
*Zip Zip: Hip-Hop
*Dolphin Dasher: Sardine
==Large Characters==
=== :wario:===
*Offroader: Red Brief J
*Flame Flyer: Wario Pontiac
*Piranha Prowler: Putrid Prowler
*Jetsetter: Mach Fart (silent, but deadly)
*Honeycoupe: Connoli Coupe
*Wario Bike: None (It's his own personal bike)
*Flame Runner: Burninate
*Shooting Star: Cosmic Wario Chopper
*Spear: Wasp
*Phantom: Wampire Bike
=== :waluigi:===
*Offroader: Walui-jeep
*Flame Flyer: Walui-GTO
*Piranha Prowler: Purple Prowler
*Jetsetter: Mach Night Blue
*Honeycoupe: Susie Coupe
*Wario Bike: Waluigi Bike
*Flame Runner: Spike
*Shooting Star: Purple Comet
*Spear: Eggplant
*Phantom: Blumiere
=== :bowser:===
*Offroader: Gojira
*Flame Flyer: Trogdor
*Piranha Prowler: Retro Prowler
*Jetsetter: Tornado
*Honeycoupe: Dragonetti
*Wario Bike: Gangster Chopper
*Flame Runner: Bowser Bike
*Shooting Star: Koopa Comet
*Spear: Dragon Flier
*Phantom: ???
=== :dk:===
*Offroader: Wildlife Mk 2
*Flame Flyer: Don-GTO
*Piranha Prowler: Donkey Pakkun
*Jetsetter: Mach-king Kong
*Honeycoupe: Mango Coupe
*Wario Bike: Mankey Bike
*Flame Runner: Dogadon
*Shooting Star: Shuri
*Spear: Jumbo Barrel
*Phantom: Kloak
===King Boo===
*Offroader: Werewolf
*Flame Flyer: Hitokage
*Piranha Prowler: Pale Prowler
*Jetsetter: Mach Fear
*Honeycoupe: I-Scream Coupe
*Wario Bike: Black Jewel
*Flame Runner: Hitodama
*Shooting Star: Midnight Bike
*Spear: Torpedo
*Phantom: Teresa Bike
*Offroader: Taurus
*Flame Flyer: Freeze-Flame Galaxy
*Piranha Prowler: Frost Prowler
*Jetsetter: Mach Venus
*Honeycoupe: Parade Porshe
*Wario Bike: Atlas
*Flame Runner: Sirius
*Shooting Star: Twinkle Star
*Spear: Zeus
*Phantom: Pluto
===Funky Kong===
*Offroader: Way-Cool
*Flame Flyer: Fun-GTO
*Piranha Prowler: Petey Prowler
*Jetsetter: Mach Gnarly
*Honeycoupe: Awesome Coupe
*Wario Bike: Mondio Bike
*Flame Runner: Hot Shot
*Shooting Star: Martian Star
*Spear: Tubular
*Phantom: Red Baron
===Dry Bowser===
*Offroader: Gargoyle
*Flame Flyer: Bonetail
*Piranha Prowler: Dry Prowler
*Jetsetter: Mach Ferocious
*Honeycoupe: Dry-gonetti
*Wario Bike: Gara-gario Bike
*Flame Runner: Dry Bowser Bike
*Shooting Star: Death Star
*Spear: Impaler
*Phantom: Mummy Bike

Think you can come up with anything better? ;)
Yeah, I had a bit of trouble nicknaming the variants of the Mach Bike. "Mr. L" (which is the name for Luigi's Mach Bike) was truly the best one of the Mach Bike nicknames I could think of.