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Nice, but we already have a logo, and there is a watermark, and everything is moving, and it's kinda too big, and the MarioWiki text coulda have transparent background. Anyway, nice.


Sorry Couldnt resize and made this with powerpoint and gickr i have no animated gif maker oh well
I lie it. It is now my computer's background (until they make me change it)


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Here's an idea:

what if there was some kind of contest for the logo? Maybe each month, people could put in their two cents (or in this case a logo) and we could vote on the logo for the next month?

Probably impossible, but a fun concept :) I might want to do that if I ever need a website for some reason :) Thanks for the inspiration.


no, i had a bunch of animated smb1 gif's the ground is a goomba walking (goomba covered up), but now come to think of it, i could of just used still pics.


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