Who is the wierdest person you know?

Mr. Moto

Japanese American Secret Agent
Banned User
or is it whom?
Free Loader said:


He's like 4 WTC.

(See his page on Userpedia... On the quote in one of the last paragraphs b4 the list of quotes...)
Toadbert101 said:
fire MARIO bros said:
warioloaf he is an idiot *sigh* im hope he doesnt see this

You wouldn't happen to be Big the Cat would you? :-\

what hey dont you have to see the one about tiny kong then go to page 1 see the last post in page 1 and you see im right. :mario:
Cackretta. i kirred that b***h.
Wow, everyone seems to know Rudnicki/WarioWafter/Mr Moto.

I feel like a neanderthaler, or what the waffles it's called.
Not before me and cackretta spend romantic night together then me kirr her