Fanfic: Pauline's Blog (E10+-Rated)


King of Cartoons
By Toon King 2​

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights for either the Mario Characters nor the Pok'emon Species, Shigeru Miyamoto created the Mario Characters and Satoshi Tajiri created The Pok'emon Games, Yugi Naka is responsible for the designs I'm making illustrations with. If you want to Critique or Reply at all, Do it at the Reply Topic. Thank You. Keep in mind, I might add in the Guests in this Fanfic, Mario-Related or not, it don't matter.​

Credits go to: Yuji Naka for the Designs, Satoshi Tajiri for the Pok'emon Race, and Shigeru Miyamoto For the Mario Characters.

Attention: I was supposed to name the mother character "Daniella", but if I did, members will end up with a Super Mario Bros. Movie Confusion, So hate to disappoint you Mr. Administraitor, but I can't name her "Daniella". Sorry. :(

Opening Intro: "How Mario and I first met!"

Welcome to Pauline's Home, Pauline lives with her Mother, Arlene, who lives next door to Mario and Luigi's House. One day, while Arlene was washing dishes, Pauline came back home with a wireless internet card/Microphone connected laptop that Pauline bought with her own money. "Pauline dear," Arline asked, "I'm glad you came back, but where'd you get the Laptop?"

"At the Software store," Pauline explained, "I saved up 5600 Coins to buy this computer with equipment along with it."

"But Pauline, you've been laid off from the Nintendo Corp., How did you make all that money?"

"Mother, I told you I have a few part time jobs besides Video Game Actress; Pop Star Performer, Self Employed Gardener, Scientist, Mechanic and also Adventurer. Now if you excuse me, mother, I'll be writing my blog."


Pauline went to her room then put her laptop on her desk. Then she took a seat and signed in online. "Dear Blog," She typed, "Hi! Pauline here. The Same ex-Girlfriend of Mario's. If you want to Know how Mario and I met, then here's the whole Story:

It all started when were kids; It was our first day at the Super Smash Bros. Academy and Every student of the academy were having lunch. I decided to sit next to the Mario Bros, because they are the most perfect Students, Mario I Mostly sat with. Mario and I introduced to each other, but when Mario called me 'Lady', I was giving him the Sername 'Jump Man'. But suddenly, my Science Teacher, Prof. Donkey Kong Sr. (currently the Retired Crankey Kong) has turned drunk and grabbed me out of the table, acting like he's King Kong. Mario tried getting somebody to save me from that Violent Drunk, but Young Giovanni Ketchum was too busy training his pet Meowth (Currently a Persian), Young Prince Dedede was too busy eating his 2 Ft. Meatball Marinara Submarine Sandwich, Little Wario and Young Waluigi was too busy eating Piles of Garlic and Eggplants, Young Ivo J. "Eggboy" Robotnik (Currently Dr. Eggman) wasn't interested in Playing 'Hero', neither was Young Prince Bowser and Young Prince K. Rool, Donkey Kong Jr. (Currently the current DK) was too soft hearted to confront his father, Dean of Academy Dr. Wrinkla Kong (currently the Retired and deceased Mrs. Wrinkley Kong) was afraid her husband might strike her when confronting him, Young Luigi was only staring at it, Young Snake was too busy planting bombs in the Battlefield, Young Meta Nightmare (Currently the Star Warrior Meta Knight) was too busy practicing his battle against Young Melman Psychopath (Currently Psy-Crow), And Young Kirby Nightmare was just standing there. So it was only up to Mario to rescue Me.

Donkey Kong Sr. rudely grabbed me out of school and climbed up the Construction site of Mario's Father's Toy Company, Mario's Toy Factory. As DKS was Rolling down Barrels, I gave him the Sername "Crankey" due to his Crankey Mood. Young Mario was Jumping over the Rolling Barrels and Climbing up ladders and Crushing up Barrels with a Mallet on the way. When Mario Got Near me, DKS grabbed me and climbed higher. Suddenly, he bounced off Trampolines. Mario Jumped on elevators and avoided trampolines. When Mario got near me again, same thing happened, but this time, he was dropping down Pies. Mario Jumped over the creme pies and threw the switch then the Ladder came down and Mario climed up. When Mario got near me again Same thing happened, But this time, DKS took me to the Top and I dropped my things. While Mario was unscrewing the Bolts and avoiding those Flaming Beasts, he collected my Purse, my Umbrella, my Coat and Mother's lipstick. Mario thought he had the Bolts, but the Building wasn't tumbling down. With hope, a Young Princess like Academy Student in a Pink dress floated her parasol to the Top Building and picked up the last one, and as the Building tumbled down. She helped Mario Parasol Jump to the same Bar I was Located. As I held on to her we slafely landed on the ground.

When Mario locked DKS in the Solitary. DKJ grabbed the Key out of Mario's Pocket and set his Poppy free. 'DK', Mario scolded, 'Why are you freeing your Papa? Didn't you realize what he did wrong?'

'Mario,' Dr. Wrinkla Kong advised, 'Don't go Too harsh on my Donkey, what he just needs is to get off alcahol addiction.'

'So Pauline,' DKJ asked, 'How about we go out tonight?'

'In your dreams, DK,' I said as I was still talking to my new royal Pink Dressed friend.

She told me that her name is 'Princess Margaret Toadstool', but I have given her the sername 'Peach' as it was her favorite fruit.

All Academy 16th graders, including me, Graduated at my age of 22, I have a few degrees; Gardener, Mechanic, Adventurer, Video Game Actress, Restraiteur. When Mario & I worked at Nintendo of Japan, I explained the childhood story to my Boss, Shigeru Miyamoto, but that's the reason why "Donkey Kong" was installed (althought he didn't add Peach in it that time). My childhood had became global fame on Planet Earth. And Mario and I turned out to be one happy couple, until one day my life was over for a while: It was the first day Peach worked in Nintendo of Japan. I gave her a pat on the back telling her it was nice seeing her again. I even showed her the Portrait of Me and Mario, but I was in the Red Dress and Black slippers in that Photo. I was happily asking her 'why are you working here? You're a Princess!" I was Drinking Diet Chuckola Cola that time, and Shigeru Miyamoto informed me to step into his office. I did and he has told me some terrible news, He explained to me that I wasn't adventurous enough to be a Damsel, so he hired Princess Peach to replace me. 'You're firing me!?' I scolded, 'But that's not even fair anymore!! I didn't even do anything wrong to deserves such abuse!!'

'I said nothing about firing you,' Shiggy explained, 'I'm just laying you off, because Mario can't have two damsels in one game.'

Angrily I slammed the door shut. I badmouthed Mario and called off our Engagement. I even scolded to Peach, 'I sure hope you and Mario are happy together!!' then I left NIntendo, never to show my face again.

Mario Told me this. Shiggy then asked, 'Mario, you still run the Toy Factory that your Papa Inherited to you before he died. right?'

'Yes,' Mario answered.

'Then why not create a very special Toy just to make Pauline happy again?" Peach asked.

'I'll a-think about it.'

After a few adventures, Mario reopened his deceased father's Toy Company to run as his own. Mario even created his first toy, Mini-Mario. DK did swipe the Mini-Marios from Mario and Mario Swiped them back. However,
What DK told me,
Mario gave one Mini-Mario back to DK because Mario had no heart to really despise him. Mario later opened up the Theme Park 'Super Mini-Mario World' after creating Mini-Toad, Mini-DK and Mini-Peach and Shiggy was the one who invited me as a VIP Guest. I cut the Ribbon and Mario was about to give me the Mini-Mario as DK attempted to give me the Mini-DK. I ignored the Mini-DK for the Moment and recieved the Mini-Mario, that's how DK was ticked off. He, like his father, even kidnapped me. When Mario was about to save me, he discovered me in the Gift Room. DK came by and so did Mini-DK and Mini-Mario. I this time picked up Mimi-DK and gave it a little kiss. ... What just because I disliked DK doesn't give me a right to hate him. Later, Me and All my mario-related friends, especially DK, Bowser, and even big Boss Shigeru Miyamoto, had a big lunch at the eating place in this theme park. Shigeru explained one thing to me, 'Pauline, in order to get your job back, all you have to do is start you adventure. Peach did, so did Luigi, and even Wario himself. Why not you try it?'

'I'll think about it,' I replied to my Boss.

'Hey!' BOwser scolded, 'How come I don't get my own game!?

'Bowser, Adventures are a big responsibility,' Shigeru explained, 'I don't think you're responsible enough to have an adventure on your own, yet.'

'Yeah,' Waluigi said to Bowser, 'Tough luck!'

Well... Like what Shigeru said, in order to get my job back, I have to start an adventure on my own. ... OH look at the time, I need to go see a therapist. I'll be signing off now." then submitted the blog and signed off.

Pauline got off the desk, Picked up her mother's pet female Nerr, Nerma, and gave Nerma a kiss on the cheek, put the Nerr back on her desk. Left her bedroom, grabbed her pink cap off the Rack and put it on. "Mother," Pauline explained, "I'm going to head off to see a therapist. I'll be back later!" Then left the house.

"Okay, Pauline," Arlene said, "See you then."

If Pauline Needs to take an adventure, Where can the adventure take Place? ... We'll find out soon

Prologue A: Therapy about Pauline's Baby Life.


Pauline entered the Therapist's office to see Dr. Oswald Spikelton, the Mushroom World's most famous Therapist. "Ah! Pauline Daniels!" Dr. Spikelton said, "It is so nice to have you back. Rarely it is! Trying to reunite with Mario Mario again?"

"No," Pauline replied, "and I'm afraid I never will, But Mario did give me a Mini Mario Toy and DK already gave me a Mini DK toy. Just because I ignored DK for a bit doesn't mean I hate him. I'm just not a Hybridder, that's all. Well... Shiggy told me that in order to get my job back, I need to start on my own adventure. What if I won't see mother again?

"Hmmm... Tell me about your baby life!"

"Well... I had a father named Paul Daniels, and he was an adventurous scientist. When my Mom and dad met they fell in love right away. Somehow, they got married later. and later after that, I was Born, my mother carried me like we are mother and child. Father came to see it and decided to name me "Daniella", My father was very proud. Few months later though. My father went out of our house to go on the adventure. Before he did, Mother kissed Father for luck, I was in the carriage that time. However, even after three months, Father never came back, but then a Ranger of Toadwood Forest came to our house for some terrible news, Father is finally gone. 'Finally gone where?' I wondered in my head. My mother was traumatize. I don't even know where he has finally gone to, especially now. But that's why Mother put my first name "Daniella" in the Middle and gave me the new First name "Pauline" to remind her of her husband. I don't even know if Mother disapproves of me taking adventures or not. I had this belief that she will."

"Well... I got some good news," Dr. Spikelton explained as he gave the letter to Pauline, "I got this letter from the Blastoise Paratroopa and that Letter was from the Mewtwo Senator of the Pok'eball Federation George W. Bushtwo. Suddenly, I'm too old to go on adventures."

Pauline opens up the envelope and reads the message. It says this:

Letter said:
Dear Outsider of the Mushroom Kingdom,
Ray Chu and Peeka Chu, President and First lady of the Pok'eball Federation, are awefully worried. Their Son, Pete Chu, the First Son of the Pok'eball federation has been kidnapped by Darline Deoxino, the Evil First Daughter of the Deoxys Klan. (Sorry, the death of Darline's Parents made her go Mad. And she wanted to become first lady to avenge them.) The President Needs your Help at once at the Pok'eball Federation.
Yours Truely,
Mewtwo Senator George W. Bushtwo​
PS: What you are reading is just a message; It is also a Map that leads you to eighteen Star Emeralds. Ciao!

"Well finally," Pauline said, "an adventure to start out with. I might not be around, next week, so I'll contact you with Video Chat. See you next week online." then left The therapist's office.

"I was about to say 'Look at the Time', but oh well!"

Prologue B: Mother not too happy!


Back at Pauline's House, Pauline went to her bedroom to pack. She even packed in her Laptop. After she packed for an adventure, Pauline's mother came in and she's not too happy. "Pauline," Arlene asked, "do not expect you to leave on your adventure too often."

"And I take it you disapprove of adventures," Pauline scolded.

"Pauline, That's absolutely not true; I just had a worry that you might end up with the same Game Over your father did."

"G... Ga... Game Over? Look Mother, I know that Father was gone, but I didn't realize his game was over."

"That was because you where a baby back then, Pauline. While he was adventuring in Toadwood Forest he was attacked by a ferocious GrizzlyTeddy who pushed him into the river. He must've drowned somehow," Arlene thought.
But was his game really over?

"Oh Grambi, that was Terrible!"

"Pauline, If you're going on your adventure in the Pok'eball Federation, Please, Promise Mommy you wont end your game like your father did in Toadwood Forest while Fighting a GrizzlyTeddy. I was traumatized when his game ended."

Pauline hugged her mother. "I promise, mother. and I might come back safely with something special." Then gave Nerma back to Arlene and left home to stop by Castle Toadstool For a cup of tea before leaving the Mushroom Kingdom. We'll hear more in the next Prologue.

OOFF: I don't even know what "tl;dr" means. Anyway...

Prologue C: Off to the Pok'eball Federation, she is!

After talking with Princess Peach over tea about adventuring in the Pok'eball Federation, Pauline left the Castle and headed to the Airport located in Toad Town to catch her invented airplaine, the Flying Wiggler. "What is your location," The Ticket Salesgrubba asked.

"Samueloakington D.C., Pok'eball Federation, and I'll perfer my Flying Wiggler going there," Pauline Replied.

"That'll be 35 Pok'eball Coins, or in the Mushroom Curry, 700 Mushroom Coins. Thank you!"

Pauline pays the Salesman 700 coins as the Salesman gives her the ticket. "You have a nice day, Now!"

Pauline walked into the airfield and met her new boyfriend who was a Male Red Haired Human Pilot controlling her Flying Wiggler named Josh Baldwin. Pauline gave him a hug and a Big Kiss. Suddenly Josh led her to the hotelish room that she built. Pauline somehow put her Briefcase (containing her clothes and tools and Laptop Computer) in the Drawer underneath her bottom Bunk. Pauline lies down on her bottom bunk as Josh Strapped her in. "When we get the air I'll unstrap you," Josh promised as he gave Pauline a slow smooch and left the room.

When the Flying Wiggler was up in the air, Josh reentered the room and unstrapped Pauline. "Polly, lunch is going to be here in a half an hour," Josh advised.

"I wonder what's for lunch, Josh?" Pauline asked.

"Well... we got Juan Tan Soup, Pizzachos (Half Pizza/Half Nachos), and we also have Fish Burger with Cheese and Tarter Sauce, it also has fries with that."

"I'll try three of them! What's to drink, Josh?"

"There's Chuckola Cola, Diet Chuckola Cola, Dr. Pianta Dew, Diet Dr. Pianta Dew, Shroot Beer, Diet Shroot Beer, Lymoda, Diet Lymoda (Lymoda is the Mushroomite Lemon-Lime Soda)."

"I'll try Diet Lymoda."

"Your lunch will be here in a half an hour," Josh said as he left the room again and went back to the control room.

Pauline got her laptop out of her drawer, put her laptop in the table and wrote her next blog:

"Dear Blog," Pauline Wrote, "I never forget the time I built the Robot on my own at the Space Junk Galaxy (E. Gadd tought me how to build Robots). The weapons he had was his gatling hands and his 1000 LB Hammer and also a Legendary Star for a Battery. I also added in a steaming pipe which resembles a crown. I named him "Smithy" after my mother's maiden name "Smith". E. Gadd helped me building a talking Swordlike Factory which I named "Exor" after my Grandmother Exora. The only reason why I created Smithy in the First Place is because I still needed Protection. But one day, Smithy created a few Weaponicly Robotic "Henchmen" just to "help me" get revenge against Princess Peach for replacing her! But I didn't want revenge because even as my replacement, Peach is still in good terms with me, so I warned Smithy not to go near the Mushroom World, that way I won't get arrested. But Smithy didn't listen; He took Exor and the rest of his "Gang" to the Mushroom World, Taking the other six legendary Stars with him. But now thanks to my Former Boyfriend Mario, my Colleague Princess Peach and Their unlikely ally Bowser, Smithy was Defeated. Before the Celebration, I ran to Peach and told her what was happening and how Smithy went haywire And how I was trying to be overprotective. Peach Understood what I was saying and gave me another chance."

"Pauline," The Toad Waitress said outside her hotelish room front door as she knocked it, "Your Fish Burger and Juan Tan Soup is Ready."

"Oh!" Pauline Wrote, "Juan Tan Soup is coming, So I'm going to sign off. I'll be back Online Later." Then submitted then signed off and answered the door.

"Here's your Fish Burger with Fries and Juan Tan Soup," The Waitress said as she served an order to Pauline, "and we have different kinds of Pizzachos."

"I'll try Vedgetable," Pauline ordered, "Cause I don't like gaining more weight."

"Coming right up," the waitress said as she left the room.
Later after Pauline finished two Courses, The Waitress has served Pauline a Box of Vegetable Pizzachos. "There you go," The waitress said, "Have a nice day!" then left the room.

While Pauline is eating her Pizzachos, Josh has an announcement through the speaker, "This is your Captain Speaking. We will arrive at Samueloakington D.C. Airport shortly, because we discovered the Pok'eball Federation."

Pauline was very glad to see some new people, but sometimes, it can be hard to make new friends. But what friend will she meet? we'll see in the next subPrologue.

Prologue D: Boss: General Blaster, Colonel Warren and Sgt. Squirtz

Description: First off I'm giving credit to the Crystal Dynamics for the Lara Croft Parody Character, Sara Draft. Like Lara, Sara is a female Charmeleon archaeologist, but the difference is, Sara is a Charmeleon and Lara is Human. I also give credit to Frank Miller for the Quote simular to one of the Quotes from 300.

Attention to all conserned and Immature Members said:
For all the members who are conserned about how Sara looks: Don't judge Sara by her Character Appearance just because she wears less clothes; She is still a Virgin just like Pauline. Anthrok'emon (Anthropomorphic Pok'emon) like her are like some Mobians in Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics, like Sonic the Hedgehog and Princess Sally Acorn for instance, who wear less clothes and don't have a problem about it. Just an opinion. ;D As fourth, there will be no sex content contained in this Fanfiction. Sorry, Jimmy Kimmel! :(

Before Pauline got off the plane after the Flying Wiggler arrived, her new boyfriend Josh gave Pauline a big Kiss then she got off the Plane, but suddenly she saw an 18-year old Charmeleon Archaeologist accosted by a Blastoise Troopa, a Wartortle Troopa and a Squirtle Troopa. "Don't lie to me, Sara Draft," the Blastoise Scolded, "We know that you know the way to the Star Emeralds. Show us the way."

"Blaster," Sara scolded, "I told you, I'm not telling you the way to the Star Emeralds, now leave me in peace so I can get back to my Fiance, Paulie."

"That's not the Option Sara Draft; Either you tell us or have your stomache filled with water led!!"

Sara hides behind Pauline. "I'm not going with you Deoxys Troopas, you guys are nothing but a weakness to the fire Pok'emon's health!!

Blaster Identifies Pauline. "So you must be that 'Daniella' woman that Paul Daniels was whining about earliers."

"Hold a second," Pauline Paused, "How did you know who I really am? And How did you know my father? Are you saying that my father is... is still alive!?"

"That is Correct," Blaster answered, "He may have been pushed into the Toadwood River by the Grizzlyteddy, but he can survive by swimming, and he discovered the Pipe in the river and it leads to our federation. But I don't think your be seeing your daddy after I get through with you."



"Okay, outsider," Sara Cheered, "Show him what you've got. Whatever they're doing is Insane."

"This isn't insane, Sara," General Blaster scolded with insanity, "THIS... IS... THE DEOXYS KLAN!!"


"Just call me 'Pauline'," Pauline advised, "My name's already changed."

"Whatever. You have your Heavy Purse! Am I correct?"


"Hit the Squirtle with it!"

Pauline Did So and Squirtz is knocked out.

Warren shoots Pauline with Water Bullets, but that somehow doesn't work on Pauline.

"Quick," Sara advised, "Use your Hurricane attack on the Wartortle."

Pauline glided over Warren and used Pauline Hurricane on him. Warren was knocked out.

Blaster attempts to hit Pauline with his Big Shellslide, but Pauline dodged the attack.

"Okay, Pauline, Now's your chance," Sara advised, "Jump on the Blastoise."

Pauline did so and did it so hard that it knocked Blaster out, but somehow, 50 strange green Pok'eballs with Red frames, Blue bottoms and gold buttons have jumped out of Blaster, Warren and Squirtz.

"See the Strange Pok'eballs that pop out of the Boss?" Sara asked.

"Yes!" Pauline replied.

"Too tell you the truth, they're not Pok'eballs at all, they are Stat Points. and if you get 100 of them, your level will go up."


Suddenly, Blaster, Warren and Squirtz woke up from their unconciousness. "First Daughter Darline Deoxino will hear about this," Blaster Scolded, "We'll Retreat for Now." the skidooed along with Warren and Squirtz.

Suddenly, Sara and Pauline went outside of the Airport for a serious discussion. "I'm sorry," Sara apologized, "I don't believed I introduced, Pauline; I'm Sara Draft. And the Deoxys Klan has been against my family for years. And the Wartortle Troopa even killed my parents who were both Government Spies. It happened when I was a charmander."

"I'm so sorry that you're an orphan," Pauline apologized, "But please, can you show me to my father?"

"Of course."


Sara Draft Joined the Party

She can tell you about residents of the Pok'eball Federation.

And in Battle Mode, She uses FlameKick, and Tattle, and Pistol.

Also as Final Smash, she uses FireStorm (Simular to Mario's Mario Finale in Super Smash Bros: Brawl).​

Prologue E. Training Chapter: Basic Attacks and Secial Attacks and Final Smashes

Description: Secondly... I need to give credit to Alex for Both Alex, Changeling and Hazel Characters of the BMRPG, Seriously, though, Neither of Alex's characters will be in this Subchapter and Changeling's name is going to be me mentioned.

Sara and Pauline walked to a big city of Samueloakington, D.C., Sara taught Pauline lots of things about the Anthropomorphic Pok'emon of the Mushroom World known only as "Anthrok'emon", then suddenly, they went to a Pink Pok'eball Shaped house lived in by Pauline's older sister, Charline and also Pauline's 18-year-old Nephew, Paulie. It turned out that Paulie happened to be Sara's Fiance. Sara and Paulie both ran to each other and kissed like they were in love. When Pauline saw this happening, she was confused, because normally, what Peach told Pauline on their tea break, a human shouldn't fall in love with another race, the fact is, Peach doesn't want to be married to Bowser, because she might get killed by Bowser's Poisonous blood when... well, I can't say it due to censor laws, cause it's embarassing. Suddenly, Pauline walked to Sara Draft who is still kissing Paulie. "So Sara," Pauline asked, "You knew my nephew?"

"Yes, Pauline," Sara explained to the Damsel, "He's my Fianc'e. We have been engaged last week and somehow, we've been loving each other ever since I was a Charmander."

"Well there's something I would like to warn Both of you about."

"And what was that, Aunt Pauline?" Paulie asked.

"Changeling," Pauline explained, "The most Hybrid disapproving, the most Wedding Crashing, the Most Worse Magikoopa in the Mushroom World and son of Kamek and Kamella. If he ever gets near your wedding, call the police."

"We understand, Aunt Pauline, Because the Wedtropolis chapel allows the Hybrid weddings. Cause in the Pok'eball Federation, there's a federal law against Blackmailing Hybrid Couples to break up. Besides The Yoshi named Stephoshi L. "Toon King 2" Yoreeves already warned both my twin sister Dorothy and her Yoshi Fianc'e Yosh Kelworth about Changeling and believe you and me, there are no magikoopas around this federation, cause this isn't a kingdom And TK2 had a plan for them on giving a legal Protest on Changeling and his Opinion against Hybrid Weddings to Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom to Sign." then chuckles "He'll be so banished from the Mushroom Kingdom." then laughs.
"So Paulie," Pauline asked her dear nephew, "Is this true that grandfather Paul faked his death to avoid the Grizzly Teddy in my newborn years?"

Suddenly, Paul came by to his trustful Younger Oldest-twin daughter and explained, "Aye, It's true. I'll tell ye what happened when Charline was with me on my adventure in Toadwood Forest:
According to what really happened... said:
While yer Mother was taking care of ye and yer younger-twin sister Bauline, Charline and I went off for a Grand Hunting Adventure at the Toadwood Forest, Hunting fer Wolves & Foxed called the "Akilas" and "Kitsies" which other lads and Lasses refer to as "K-9's" and "Chows". However, a Big mean huge scarey bear called the "Grizzly Teddy" approached me. I tried killing it with a bullet, however, it crushed the half of arm with it's left and flicked me into the river with his hand, which snapped the half of my arm off (which is the reason why I got a crimson prostetic hand and Half arm.). Luckily, my Charline came to a rescue swimming fer me, grabbed me and took me someplace fer safety, a Warp Pipe that leads to the Pok'eball Federation. And Here I am now, Daniella."

Suprised and happy to see her father, she runs to him and hugs him, crying.
"I thought I would never see you again," Pauline Cried, "You even had mother worried sick."

"I feel so sorry for this," Paul apologized, "I know, but there's no time for this. Do ye still have a map on ye?"

Pauline gives Paul the Map and Paul Looks at it. "So ye DO have the Map. However it needs to show us where the First Star emerald is. But We must do some training first. Starting with Basics, Specials and Final Smash Powers."

Paul teleported Both Pauline and Sara to the Battle Stage based on the SSBB. "Okay Lets pretend that ye, Pauline, and ye, Sara, are Opponents, We are going to test with Basic Moves, first. The First Basic move, Punch and Kick. Pauline, ye go first."

Pauline smacks Sara in a face.

"That works very well. Now Sara. Yer Turn."

Sara douple Punches Pauline and Triple Kicks her as as wel.

"Great Job. Now the Tripping. meaning lower Kick. Pauline First."

Pauline Lower Kicks Sara. Sara Lower Kicks Pauline.

"Now, the Upper Punch. Ye go first, Pauline."

Pauline upper Punches Sara and Sara. Sara gets up, upper punches Pauline and Pauline falls down."

"Now the Side Basic attack. ye always go first, Pauline."

"How did you know my new name?" Pauline asked.

"I owned MVDK:MOTM, and I saw your face in it. Now continue on."

"Okay then." Then she hit Sara with a Heavy Purse, a Parasol, A Baseball Bat, A Golf club, a Vaccuum Cleaner, a Tennis Racket, a Wrench and a Hammer.

"Wise lady, huh?" Sara scolded as she threw a knife at Pauline, shot her with a rifle, and blasted her with her two pistols.

"On with the Specials now," Paul explained, "Starting with standard and ye as well, Daniella."

Pauline Shoots a Pink Fireball, or rather, her Beam Ball, at Sara.

Sara Roasts Pauline with Amber.

"Now with Down Special Move. Yer turn, Daniella."

Pauline runs to Sara and Hits her with Pauline Hurricane and Sara Falls onto her Floor. Sara gets off the Floor, picks up a giant chunk of stone and tosses it at Pauline and Pauline was KO'd and revived by one of the life shrooms her mother gave her.

"Great Job. Now the Upper Special Move. Daniella, ye try it First."

Pauline walks up to Sara and hits her with her own Jump attack, simular to Luigi's but Higher, and Sara fell on the Ground KO'd. After Paul revived Sara with his Life Shroom, she was Back on her feet then she hit Pauline with her Hyper Draft Jump, Simular to the Super Dedede Jump but Harder.

"Nice. Now with the Side Special Moves. Daniella, ye go on, first."

Pauline uses her Strangler move on Sara, Simular to Bowser's Koopa Klaw but with two hands and only strangling instead of biting. Sara Uses her Head Butt against Pauline, it simular to Pikachu's Head Butt. and suddenly, the Wierd orb appeared.

"This is my expirament, the Smash Ball," Paul explained, "I gives you power to do any move you never done before, but you have to break it first. You first Daniella."

Pauline used all the moves she has to attack it, and the Smash Ball is Broken and Pauline is Glowing.

"You're Glowing. Perfect. Now use the Final Smash."

Pauline used it and it turned out to be the Landmastering Battle Tank called the P-Tank, Simular to Fox's Landmaster, But it's different, looks too much like the Military Battle Tank, which has a cannon filled with Targeting Nuclear Banzai Bills. The Tank Shot the Banzai Bill at Sara only only once and it KO'd Sara completely then the Tank disappeared. After Paul revived Sara with his Life Shroom again, Sara broke another Smash Ball using her moves, and the Glowing Sara KO'd Pauline with her Fire Storm Move, Simular to Pauline's Ex-Boyfriend's Mario Finale. And Pauline was revived again by a life shroom.

"Okay that's it for Paul's today's 101's." Teleports Pauline and Sara back to Samueloakington, Alright. "Daniella," Paul asked, "Or can I call you Polly from now on because of your new name?"

"I guess that's fair," Pauline replied.

"Alright then. Polly, Sara, I like to inform you that there are 18 Lockholes in Deoxino's Mansion that this Map might be based on. Follow Me."

Pauline and Sara Followed Pauline's brave father and suddenly, he lead the girls to Deoxino's Mansion with a Severely Locked gate. ... We'll find out what happens next Subchapter.

So, I just saw the pictures, but it looks like Pauline, a minor character in the Mario series, sees a shrink, finds Pokemon friends who can magically talk and wear clothes and gets threatened by Squirtle, the most menacing Pokemon ever. My thoughts?

Guiliant said:

tl;dr means, in internet language, "too long; didnt read".
ChaosNinji said:
Guiliant said:
tl;dr means, in internet language, "too long; didnt read".

I know. I just looked at the pictures, as I noted.

I was explaining it to ToonKing2 , who said:

"OOFF: I don't even know what "tl;dr" means. Anyway..."