Am I the only one who doesn't like MKWii?

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The game has its faults, such as the online points system, and the fact that battle mode MUST be done with teams, but it's still good.
The ridiculous rubber band AI, the poor choices for retro tracks and the poor item balance make Mario Kart Wii one of the most annoying games I've ever played. I'm with you, ShyGuy27.
YES! Mr. white man, you phairr!! I outrace you with my Japanese mii!!
Master Lucario said:
Mr. Moto said:
YES! Mr. white man, you phairr!! I outrace you with my Japanese mii!!

Stop with the white man crap. Not all of us here are white.
[/quote Ya soi, not arr. Rike me for instance. and rets not forget the ones who tan.
Free Loader said:
I don't like MKWii much either. With 12 racers, getting hit by a green shell or hitting a Banana can knock you from 1st place to 12th. I also don't like the steering much, on any controller, it's too slidey, I liked the MKDS stiff controls, but this went back to being slidey like Double Dash, which I do not like. Something I was looking forward to was battle mode, which is ruined by being teams-only, that and the battle courses are effing massive, even for having so many more people. And the classic battle courses sure don't help, their ruined by being expanded so damn much. The choices for new characters where poor too, Baby Daisy was obvious, but I'm freaking sick of the baby characters, and why the HELL is Waluigi a heavyweight? If I remember correctly, Rosalina(with her randomly placed luma) was heavyweight too, what is up with that? New items aren't so good either, the lightning cloud or whatever is basically useless unless you want to give up your incredibly hard to get into place and hit the dude behind you, cuz there's little-to-no chance that your going to be able to catch up to the guy infront fast enough to give them the dumb thing, your better of just avoiding getting items if you don't want to be bothered by that piece of crap.

As you can see, I could go on forever, but there's just one more thing I'm going to say before scrolling down to "post" because I'm too lazy to say anymore:

F*** the mother f***ing Miis.

You summed up pratically every beefs I had with MkWii (Except the Mii, 'Don't care about these guys). Kudos to you, sir.
MKWii isn't as good as I thought it would be but the Wi-Fi is better than Brawl's. Seriously what is up with Brawl?