Smash Bros. Lawl ideas


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Note: This technically dosen't count as a mascot brawler idea, so please don't put it in the MB topic.

I've mentioned Smash Bros. Lawl before, but if you don't know, it's a fan idea made by YouTuber ChinCherrinas. It is basically Smash Bros. Brawl, but with characters that have no chance of making it in! So, just post your ideas for special moves for characters you want for Lawl! You'll have to give descriptions for the SM, though.

(P.S. No Pony or PewDiePie Movesets X()


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Ah Smasher would be prefect for this.


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PSY Moveset:

NS; FX Storm: PSY blows a circular gust of shaving cream (or whatever that stuff was in the video) forward a short distance. Any opponents who touch it will be pushed along with it, taking rapid damage along the way. It can also absorb items.

SS; Hey Sexy Lady: PSY does a sexy dance move, which will subduce any female character in a short range. Subducing means the opponent is stunned in lust for a few seconds, with the duration time depending on the character.

US; Improv Cowboy: PSY will hover in air for 5 seconds, doing his lasso dance move. Pressing B will make him throw an invisible lasso, which latches onto ledges & opponents. Move the left stick to choose the direction he throws it. If nothing is pressed in 5 seconds, the move cancels itself.

DS; Random Explosion: PSY will face toward the camera, and then there will be a small explosion randomly on the stage. Once done, you have to wait 10 seconds to do it again.

FS; Oppan Gangam Style: PSY will say, "Oppan Gangam Style" Then PSY will start to dance, as a snippet of Gangam Style plays in the background. Any opponents in a close proximity of PSY will start to dance, taking rapid damage from the epicness. At the end of the song, the ground under the backup dancers will explode, sending them flying.
Damage: Dancing: 3% every half second Explosion: 50%


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I don't know. However, his FS works on both genders.