Ultimate Chimera Hunt

So this is a thing for Garry's mod or whatever that is essentially Pigmasks VS the Chimera.

I don't know much about Mother 3 or any of them, but apparently they are from it. Look it up on YouTube, I can't link anything right now.

Pigmasks are tasked with not dying and pressing the button on the Chimera's back. Whoever presses it gets ranked up which I think is just a color change for the most part, with one of the later 'ranks' being white with a cape and slightly different taunt.

The Chimera needs to kill all the pigmasks without his button being pressed. It can roar to make the pigs lose control, tail whip to protect its button and eat. Also it can fly for a short time by flapping its wings for a short jump in the air.

It also has a bunch of cool levels like Booster's Tower from Mario RPG and Hyrule Castle from Wind Waker for example. Anyway, your thoughts? Or have you never heard of it.