Sander Koopa and the Curse of Despair!


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Sander Koopa gets send out into the wild west by his katana wielding boss Katana Zack to find the Dark Ruby, but gets cursed by the evil Dark Arthur, making him more aggresive. Katana Zack then tells Sander that the only way to break the Curse of Despair is to collect the seven Terrific Tonics to transform into Super Sander and kill Dark Arthur. The Terrific Tonics are guarded by Dark Arthur's strongest soldiers, so Sander has to defeat them in order to obtain the Terrific Tonics.

This game is very similar to Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, because of the gameplay and Sander's personality.

There are eight worlds. The are named:

World 1: Crazy Canyon
World 2: Dark Desert
World 3: Goomba's Forest
World 4: Port Chunkwell
World 5: The Big Waddlewing Tree
World 6: Gulpit Glacier
World 7: Dark Factory
World 8: Castle Arthur

The bosses are:

1-B: Andy's Assault (the name of the boss is Andy Servantia)
2-B: Bart's Bonking (the name of the boss is Bullet Bart)
3-B: Surfing Smasher (the name of the boss is Mega Goomba Miner, who pilots a boat along with a Dark Arthur Bully)
4-B: Dark Chunker (the name of the boss is Chunk Rooster)
5-B: Waddlewing Wacking (the name of the boss is Boss Waddlewing)
6-B: Gulpit's Highrise (the name of the boss is King Gulpit)
7-B: Factory Fiend (the name of the boss is Dark Genius, who pilots the Dark Walker 6000)
8-B: The Final Showdown (the name of the boss is obviously Dark Arthur, who is the final boss)

After the Final Boss fight, Dark Arthur falls to his doom, while yelling: ''I'll get you Sander Koopaaaaaa''. Sander and Katana Zack look at the evil curser falling to his death when Dark Sander comes out of Sander Koopa. He will tell Sander that the Curse of Despair is broken and that he is free of Dark Sander. He then disintegrates. And that concludes the game.