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Henry Tucayo Clay
In the past weeks there have been some important changes to policies:

Welcoming Users Policy (MarioWiki:Welcoming_users)
{{Welcome (Template:Welcome)}} has been retired and should not be added to any more pages. Users see the template when signing in so it's unnecessary to also post it to their talk pages, and its contents are easily accessible on Help:Contents. Contacting users for the sole purpose of welcoming them is now forbidden; however, if you contact a new user for another reason feel free to leave them a short custom message (don't use {{Welcome}}).

Template renaming
Several templates have been moved to new names, please see here for the full list of renames. The old names are not to be used any more.

Changing Username (MarioWiki:Changing_username)
There are new guidelines in place for changing usernames; users must now wait for three months after registering before asking for a rename, and renames are now limited to once per year, except in the case of returning to your previous username, which is allowed once.