PK Creations: Random Artwork by Timmy


~Yo-YO, let's GO! PSI Prodigy!~
Yes, every title I have will have a cheesy PK/PSI title. Deal with it. :p

So I've been making some artwork... Thought it wouldn't hurt to share. Most of my creations are done on Powerpoint though.

So this is an Earthbound signature I made back in the summer. I decided to have Ness & Lucas on it, with all of their PSI/PK powers shown and their weapons/items to represent the series. =P

Here, this is something I made in Art class last year. I love Mario Party 6 to death, so I drew this.
It's basically a rainbow, but on the night side it's like a reverse rainbow. :p
(no the yellow and purple at the bottom are NOT part of the rainbow lol)

Here, I've made an image on my fan-made board game, Mario Party Eclipse. It's pretty similar to Mario Party 6. I haven't worked it for months though due to school, and mainly because I lack motivation. I'm like:
"Ok, I'm gonna work hard on this board!"
*Puts on 1 Space*
"Ok this is getting boring." >__>
But anyways, here's the image...

Speaking of Mario Party Eclipse... Here's the 1st board I ever made on Powerpoint (thanks to the help of my friend). I basically remade Mario Party 6's Towering Treetop. :p
(Yes, I mixed in some Pokemon in there to make it look more alive lol)

Another board I made, called Cloudy Park. I tried this one on my own this time. I made the spaces, paid more attention to details and all that. :p

This board, Deception's Forest, I specifically made for Halloween and entered it in a "Create your own Mario Party Board contest". I got 2nd.

...Out of 2nd, only 2 people entered LOL
Oh well.

Another Earthbound Signature I made specifically for Winter, but to be honest, I just kind of rushed this and didn't put much effort into it. =P

My latest, and I find, BEST creation I ever did, a new Earthbound Signature. I was up 2 and 1/2 hours past midnight just making this. I put a lot of effort in this. :p
(Obviously re-sized for my sig due to signature dimension limits lol)

Here, I did a hand drawing of Ness... I think it turned out decent, though I don't like the eyes, ears or his arms that much lol
The background is mainly pink to represent his psychic energy, but I just put random colors everywhere for the background :p



~Yo-YO, let's GO! PSI Prodigy!~
Thanks guys, I'll see if I can do more boards and other creations... Hopefully I'll get the motivation again. :p


~Yo-YO, let's GO! PSI Prodigy!~
Double post.

Since I hand drew Ness, I figured I might as well do Lucas too. :P
A few things though:
- I couldn't do his hands well XD
- I did this at school and couldn't remember if his shoes were Blue or Orange. Then I got home and checked it out and I saw it was Orange LOL
- Hair might be a bit too wide?
Background is random colors again, but it's mainly lavender/lilac to represent his PSI energy. :p
Still think it turned out well, though I like my Ness drawing better.