NHL Lockout Ends


Thank you based god
It's all in the title, guys.

Thank you Based God.

You can also use this thread to discuss terms of the new CBA and the shortened schedule for this season.


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About damn time.

I don't really watch hockey, but the lockout was all over the news, so it's not like it hurted to care.


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This is great news. But now I have my worries again prior to the NHL Season before it ended up being locked out. The Wings no longer have Lidstrom (And also Holmstrom) for their defense. And they really didn't add much other then Jordin Tootoo. And with less games in the season, it means there's alot less leeway on how many games you can lose. So hoping the Wings start off hot and win enough to make it. Even if the Wings don't win the Cup, I'd like to see the Playoff Streak safe for another year.

I imagine there might be some rust from the beginning for nearly every team. And all the players that were a little more optimistic (Training, skating, praticing during the Lockout) or had been playing Hockey in Europe will have an advantage over the players who thought that the lockout was going to last the whole year.


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Ralph said:
I'd say Hudler's departure was big too.
Still nothing compared to losing Lidstrom or even Holmstrom to retirement though. Having him as Captain softened the blow at least a little of having Yzerman retire in 2006.

I'd like to see if they're retiring Lidstrom's number much like they did for Yzerman then. I think Lidstrom definitely deserves it so. He may have not been Captain for nearly as long as Yzerman has been. But even while Yzerman was still captain, he was the symbol of the Red Wings smart defense. And one of those players that helped define class in the sport of Hockey. I think it'd be just right to see #5 get lifted up to the rafters of the Joe (Or well, eventually moved to a possible new arena for the Wings coming in the near future)


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You think the wings have it bad on defense? Look at the Flyers. No chris pronger ever, kimmo timonen on his last year and old, matt carle our time on ice leader and defensive point producer gone, brayden coburn our only true first pairing, andrej meszaros injured, grossmann with knee surgery, lucas schenn coming off a healthy scratch in toronto of all places, and andreas liljia, matt walker, and bruno geravis fighting for the 6th/7th d slot, pushing all our rising defensive prospects erik gustafsson and marc andre-bourdon into the minors. and pk subban and michael del zotto the only calibur restricted free agents left on the market. and montreal and new york arnt letting them walk.