YOUR Mascot Brawler Ideas


Microgamer Extordinair
Believe it or not, I'm starting to run out of mascot brawler ideas! Iv'e done everything from flash games to internet sensations. So, I'm just asking you guys a question. If you had license to any franchise for any theme (vg platform, tv channel, books, etc.) what theme of mascot brawler would you make & who would you add to the roster?

P.S. This technically isn't a mascot brawler idea, so if you put it in the mascot brawler topic, I'll something something. :mad:


MikeyO11 said:
I'll something something. :mad:
spoken like a true shakespeare

On a serious note, I'd be interested in a brawler featuring household appliances. Just as a suggestion. :\


Donkey Kong
Here's one I came up with.
Kellogg's vs. General Mills

Characters (General Mills):
Boo Berry
Chip the Wolf
Count Chocula
Franken Berry
Fruit Brute
Lucky the Leprechaun
Sonny the Cuckoo Bird
Trix Rabbit
Yummy Mummy

Characters (Kellogg's):
Captain Rik
CinnaMon and Apple
Coco Monkey
Cornelius Rooster
Crunchosaurus Rex
Dig 'Em Frog
Snap, Crackle, and Pop
Sunny the Sun
Tony the Tiger
Toucan Sam