Papa's (insert food name)eria Series Discussion


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Because no one made a thread for this, I decided to. For those who want to know, Papa's "(insert food name)eria" is a series of online games where you run a certain restaurant and customers come in and order certain things and you have to prepare that order exactly like what he/she had ordered and if done properly he/she gives you a tip. Games have been made where you run a hamburger restaurant, a taco restaurant, a pizza restaurant and more.

These games have appeared on plenty of websites and here's a link to one of those, this is to the latest game in the series, where you operate a hot dog stand in a baseball stadium, it also has links to most of the other games in the series:

Anyways, in this thread, discuss this fun and wacky online game series.


I played each of them once I think...they are somewhat enjoyable, but I don't play online games much anyway. :P