Return of EarthBound/Mother is in the works


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don't get your hopes up.

it's only a re-release.

but it's still good tho.


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Never played Earthbound, but I've been researching it lately and I'd love to get a copy. C'mon Nintendo, have mercy on the Earthbound fans!


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Wii U said:
I'm confused

I'm not sure if it means an American Mother 3 release or a brand new game


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Eh, i'd be concerned if there wasn't already a translation of each mother game and the fact that ive beaten 2 of them, and played most of the first.

Also if it was a remake that'd be nice, maybe having a better battle system and actual side content. So this is pretty bleh.

Chances are it wont be released outside of japan anyway.


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Zae said:
Chances are it wont be released outside of japan anyway.


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This makes me think Mother 3 might finally get a translation.


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Why would they reveal an English translation on a Japanese magazine? The big reveal is probably Final Fantasy Versus XIII or The Last Guardian, they would not hype a rerelease that way.

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It damn well better be The Last Guardian. It's been too long.