The official Facebook thread


Donkey Kong
So, talk about Facebook. xP.

I'm Justin Meimin on there, if you wanted to know. (And no, it's pronounced "Mai-min", not "Mee-min)
I have Facebook. Never use it, I find no point in it anymore/ever. All I experienced from it was a bunch of vague pointless statuses aimed at people to start fights or look for sympathy/attention.

Pokemon DP

God I'm good at being an owl
Retired Wiki Staff
I have friends likely to move overseas sometime next year, so I use Facebook for that. Also to keep in contact with the blokes from around here that no longer come around here.

As with all my social networking outlets, I have it linked on my wiki userpage.
I'm on facebook, and I'm friends with a few people here on it. I use Facebook daily (I know, I don't spend all my time here).

I'm not going to tell you my name, but there are multiple clues scattered across the community that hint it.