So I might be starting to do Let's Plays

What game should I LP first?

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King Bowser
It's not a definite, but I'll be ready to start since I already have all the tools I need, except a computer that can smoothly run the capturing software, which I may get for Christmas. For this reason I might not be releasing the first video until a few days after the new year.

I also won't be doing handheld games or PC games for the time being. I also need to make sure my voice doesn't suck like heck...uhh that's meant to be joke

Quick note: I can only do games that I own, a full list is in my Backloggery (link is in signature). I may buy more games provided that I at least have the console to play it on, so I won't be able to do any PS3 games unless they have an Xbox 360 port.
That's cool, I guess I'll watch.

I tried making a LP channel once, but then I realized that I wasn't confident enough or old enough to do them properly.
Yeah I'm 13 years old right now though I think my voice could be deep enough for people to take me seriously.
It could be good.

Just as long as you're doing it for fun, not doing it to try and get famous.

My little cousin does let's plays and he has, like, 20 subscribers, despite doing it for at least a year or so.
I'm not doing any of it for fame or profit, solely for fun.
ChristmasEevee said:
You could do Majora's mask.
I can't do let's plays of games I don't own :P
I just performed a recording test to see how my new PC works and it ran very smoothly and good enough to my needs, so all I need is a good microphone. Hopefully I can dig out one of my sister's old Singstar mics for the time being.

UPDATE: Seeing as I just used about 20 GB of my monthly internet on Steam games, I won't be uploading until about February. Instead I'm going to use the time I have for the next 5 weeks solely for recording, and will begin uploading around the time school's back in. That way I won't have as much pressure with trying to record and upload with school stuff going on.
UPDATE: It appears that I've run into some issues with the commentary. I was as sick as a dog yesterday and my voice is still pretty messed up for one, but also my mic keeps turning my voice into messed up static or completely blanks it out when I'm trying to record, no matter how close my mouth is from it, so even at this point I don't know if my voice is so high pitched that I'll get tons of haters. Another problem is that I only have 50GB of internet per month, and I live with four other people, so one lets play could last half a year if I upload one video say every three days.

And I can't really upload without commentary, so I may not be doing this after all. Or at least not for a while anyway.
SKmarioman said:
It's not a definite,
Eeyup. Sorry guys.