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I hate how every new Mario game sorts it into New and Returning enemies, it doesn't feel righht why can't we sort them like we did with NSMBW or maybe even a table, I just hate when it's every time New and Returning as if just sorts enemies in a very unless bad way, come on, some the returning enemies work in new formats.


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I agree. The NSMBW section seems like a perfect example of how the enemies should be organized. Rather than dividing it by New/Returning Enemies, it first shows the boss/world. And then it divided enemies by the terrain they are found it, such as Grassland Enemies, Underground Enemies, etc. And then instead of giving a whole separate section for new enemies, it just gives a screenshot on the right showing one of the new enemies. I think other articles like NSMBU and PM:SS should take a similar approach. The NSMB section doesn't seem like a bad way to organize them either, through a table with a description.