Pyro's Psycho Waluigi Playthrough


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So you know the fangame, Psycho Waluigi, right?


Then you suck.

Here. The download. Obviously not made by me, it was made by Thunder Dragon.

Thunder Dragon on MFGG said:
After suffering a massive bump to the head, Waluigi wakes up in a strange, new land… only to discover that he now has psychic powers!

From the creator of Toad Strikes Back (and MFGG) comes an all-new platformer that takes the tried and true Mario formula, and offers upon it a unique spin. Waluigi can use his psychic powers to grab nearly anything from bricks, to coins, to enemies, and use them as weapons… all on his quest to take over the world of Unconcia!

Conquer over 30 kingdoms, and score high on each one to earn a gold crown - collect them all to unlock even more, unique stages.
And now, I'm playing through it. It's a really fun, creative, and downright awesome game. Check it out.


(I don't like these videos anymore so I'm removing the links to them)


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Oh, and it's FAR from that. It's a BLAST to play.


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If it runs in exe, it don't work

I checked, it runs in .exe so it don't work with Mac unless your use winebottler and this game have basic code so it will work fine with winebottler


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Ness said:
PC depends on how powerful it is, $400 PC is likely to be slow
my $400 laptop ran extremely fast before i stepped on it

also, psycho waluigi seems like it should have been psychic waluigi