Lets Fail Or Something: Liberal Crime Squad


~Massive Fangirl
As you can tell by the name, politics are involved. (American Politics.) I'll give you guys the warning the game gives:

The scope of this game is narrower than that of real life. We have attempted to include foul language, graphic violence, politics, religion, sexual references, adult situations, narcotics, prostitution, bodily functions and bad pickup lines , but Bay 12 Games recognizes that there might be omissions which will make some players uncomfortable. In light of these facts, use your discretion when making decisions about downloading LCS.

There are a lot of Politics, mostly politic bashing. If you happen to be a die-hard conservative, then get out, you will be offended. To refer to the warning the game gives: The warning is pretty farfetched, the game isn't that bad, my only real problem with playing it here, is the possible politics problem, just remember that this game's goal is to nuke conservatism out of the world. Keep that in mind before reading ahead.

Now after that warning, why don't i tell you about this game.

Its a game by Bay12, the guys who made Dwarf Fortress, its mostly text based, with some graphics. It hasn't been worked on by Bay12 for awhile but some Bay12 forumgoers, have been working on it themselves. The only one i can name is Jonathan S. Fox.

The game is about commiting crimes (Mass Murder, Thievery, stuff like that.) in the name of liberal justice since America is falling into a Arch-Conservative pit when a president is elected with plans of arch-conservative laws. Now us, a kid with a heavily traumatic childhood who believes in liberalism, wants to save USA and get the public to change their opinion, and purge the American government from conservatism.

I'm sure i lost your interest at this point, but i swear, the game is fun. >.> I don't expect any of you to jump at it and go download it, because it is hard as heck, but i hope you can enjoy my failtrain.


What You Will See
-Mass Murder
-The Super-Agressive way to victory
-A kickass founder who beats his way to victory.

What You Won't See
-Beating The Game
-Keeping My Founder Alive
-Amazing Skill
-The Liberal Guardian
-The Pacifistic Way of Beating The Game (Which is using this ^)

Now, this playthrough will also be encouraged by you guys. Not only will i do stuff that you guys want, ill make decisions when i come across to them based on what you guys want. AND you guys get to be the code-names for all my people. I AM NOT PROMISING YOU WILL LIVE OR EVEN LAST WITH ALL YOUR LIMBS FOR MORE THAN ONE UPDATE.


Since i will be starting with my founder and 4 extra gang members i will need 5 names right off the bat, if i don't get enough by the time this starts i will be giving them my random names. (Anyone i recruit will probably keep their default name until i get a name, but i doubt this will be that popular so i doubt it.)

Founder: YoshiMonsta
1. Pi
2. Crackin

And on and on.

I don't know when this will start. So BE READY LIBERAL FRIENDS, MODERATE WHATEVERS AND CONSERVATIVE SWINE, this shall begin soon.

(Is it just me or does it seem to other people too that simply the title with drive people away.....)

I would recommend looking up pictures of the game, just so you can see it, as i'm not starting right away.

In case your wondering i was going to put this in Off-Subject Discussion or something similar, but i have seen a screenshot LP here before so...
Beauty Queen Etna said:
I've been staring at the screen for like 20 minutes now trying to decide if i should post this or not.....i hope atleast some of you will enjoy this.

looks like 20 minutes didn't help you make the right decision
YoshiMonsta said:
Can iz be leader?

Gladly! If anyone else actually is interested in this.
Dr. Javelin said:
Liberal Crime Squad?

What do you guys do, arrest people for not being environmentalists or something?


You just beat em up. >.>

@Pi: At what exactly. Just Pi or Cinnamon Pi for the name?
I laughed at the combination of the :D face and "Lets Fail Or Something".

BRB, laughing at it for 9 more years.

... and then I understood what you meant. Anyway, Pi is fine.