Can't upload an avatar

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I previously had an avatar and decided it was time to change it, but I can't. I keep getting a message saying my selected picture is either too big or isn't an avatar, which is bull.

One, it is an avatar and two, I tried uploading the previous image I was using before, but I'm getting the error message anyway. What gives?

Edit: before anyone asks, yes, the picture I was trying to use fits. It wasn't too big to be used.
This happened to me before, too. No matter what I did I couldn't upload anything.

For now you should probably just upload it to an image-sharing website and selected "Specify Avatar by URL" for now
Thats annoying. It should probably get fixed as when you upload for url images get stretched.
Oh, I thought it automatically resized it down when you uploaded it.

Maybe it did that before and it doesn't now.
It probably has something to do with the servers being switched not too long ago. Just a thought.
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