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So I'm just making a thread to post random Poems and Short Stories, etc.

I will eventually post drawings if I can somehow get that dang Imgur app.

Please note I will not take requests until further notice!!

Thanks. :)

Is a wondrous thing
But it can also mean
is a treacherous thing
But it can be the best thing ever too...

Take me to the sky so I can fly
I want to touch those clouds so high
I wanna fly
Take me to those clouds so I can fly

Take me to the sky so I can fly
I want to touch those clouds so high
I wanna fly
So I can touch those beautiful clouds so high

Love is a beautiful thing
Full of wonder and excitement

Love is a beautiful thing
Filled with beautiful things in life...
More later

There was once upon a time in a place
Me: What kind of place?
Rin: Hold on! I'm getting there!
An evil kingdom who no one dared to face
Me: Ohh that's the kind of place
The ruler was a girl so mean
Me: Well I pretend to be ruler sometimes, but I'm not mean. You're not mean are you?
Rin: Shut up and let me tell it!
Me: Excuse me Princess
Rin: Heard that!
A tiny little princess of only age 14!
Me: Well you are shorter than me.
Rin: *Curses under breath*
So many furnitures littered her abode
Me: Well this house is messy. But what is an abode? This doesn't make any &@$*ing sense!
Rin: Just let me tell the damn story!
Her loyal servant who's likeness surely showed
Me: Wait, wait, wait! Len isn't your servant, and he hates you!
Rin: He does not!
Me: Does too!
Rin: *Facepalm*
Josephine was what her horse was named
Me: You don't even have a horse! Her name wouldn't be Josephine anyway!
Rin: Angella, shut the &@$* up and let me tell the damn story!
All the riches in the world is what she had claimed
Me: But we don't have any riches! And you're too chicken to claim anything!!
Rin: *Muttering* I give up...
If you're short on money that's no fearful thing
Me: *Silent in shock*
Rin: Thank you!
Just take it from those who you dangle on a string
Me: But we don't have any string! And how would we actually dangle someone on a string?!
Rin: Please Angella, shut up!
Those who feel they want to bring me down, you'll just tidy up my gown! Now bow down to me!
Me: You wear shorts, not a gown, and why would anyone want to bow down to... Er... You?
Rin: *Curses again*
Evil flowers steadily bloom. In an array of colorful doom but those weeds who decide to stay will just die and feed me the same anyway...
Me: We don't have any flowers, and wouldn't an evil princess prefer weeds over colorful flowers?
Rin: Okay that's enough story time for today.
I wrote a limerick a few years ago. Uh hem, here it goes;

A little boy who wrote neatly
Kicked a ball and it flew sweetly
The ball flew far
And landed on a car
And smashed the window completely