Aipom's Comic


Why does Petey Piranha got to have haters?
Is anyone excited about Aipom's homemade comic? I know I am. I'm
going to be a character I made up called Dark King Boo. His name is Petey, and he's king of the Dark Boos from Paper Mario 2.
I am exited about it. I wonder what the atroy will be....

Oh, and PPL, have you seen your sprite before?
I haven't. But I want to.
Yes, I'm finally on! We're down to the top 6. :)
I'll win, of course. now for my comic... :lol:
I wouldn't be too sure. :twisted:
Great job, Aipom! Your comic is so :cool: !!! :eekdance: It was very funny, well made, and I also like the new racing comic too. Nice job! :lol:
Keep up the good work!