It's snowing!

Time Turner

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Finally, the area that I live in is getting snow. I was expecting it a lot sooner in the month. I hope things whiten out for the holidays.

So, have you guys already gotten snow?


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No snow here (yet?).
I guess I'll need to wait until January, like most years.


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It hasn't snowed here since '97 and even then it was about less than 2cm.


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It's snowing a lot here, which I think what may be causing my connection to be horrible.


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If you wonder why some of you didn't ever seen snow: Only the cool places will ever get snow.
*Ba tun tsss...*


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Thanks MCS, I love you too.

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I'd expect it to snow at least a couple of times here, but no snow here yet.

Feels like my toes are frozen, though.