Friendly Fire: The Only Webcome Online to Do Something Something


It's Perfectly Fine to be a Happy Individual.
I never miss a chance to advertise my webcomic.

Anyway, I have a webcomic known as Friendly Fire, over at It is a spin-off of The Scrambled Channel. Which is a spin-off of Scrambled which is a spin-off of a bunch of other stuff. Anyway, it centers around my character, Teeks and a number of my friends from The Scrambled Channel and more. It has a lot of video game based humor and a lot of randomness thrown in.

Check it out Here!

There's 114 issues currently and I update randomly, whenever i have an idea. Heh. Check it out and tell me what you think.
I think it's actually not that bad. And I'm pretty picky about comics, so that's saying something :P. Better than a lot of those comics on Userpedia. It's better to have short comics for humour than to try to force a plot in. (Though, there are some perverted themes in there)