iPhone 3GS GarageBand question...

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So someone told me there was a feature in GarageBand (Actually it was a youtube comment.) called Enhanced Tuning.

Problem is, I can't find it.

Is it not avalible for 3GS?


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from a website:

Double-click on the region you want to work with. This will select the region as well as open up the Track Editor. (If the Track Editor was already open, this will hide it; if that’s the case, double-click it again.)

To the left of the region, you’ll see three sliders: Pitch, Enhance Tuning, and Enhance Timing.

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I still don't see it.

Are you sure that's not on Mac?

If I click on the track the options that show up (In that order) are "Copy, Paste, Delete, Loop, Split"