The MarioWiki Pokémon Generation 4 Battle and Trade Station!

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So, this is where you post friend codes for Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and we can schedule battle and trade meets.

My Wifi barely works, so I can't be on all the time.


Name: Ayshy (Not my name this game was used.)

And ignore that it says South-East England. I bought the game off of Amazon.

MarioWiki List:

So post your friend codes.

If this is already made, lemme know.

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Oops. Sorry I thought that was what this was.

A mod can move it.


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I'll post my HeartGold and Platinum codes soon, and I'll get Skulldug's permission to post his Diamond and SoulSilver codes.


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My WiFi doesn't work on my G4 games (WPA2 connection, not allowed on Pokémon until B/W), so I'm screwed