Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn: If You Havent Seen This Yet You Should


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If you like Halo and haven't seen this mini-series yet, you should watch it. There are 5 episodes and it takes about 20 minutes per episode. It's pre-Halo 4 events, so there are no spoilers if you don't have the game. It's also pretty good, and it's enjoyable without even without having played the series or knowing anything about Halo. But you might miss the inside references.

Ep 1.

Did I mention it's good? I should warn you the series does contain mild language.

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Ep 2.

Ep 3.

Ep 4.

Ep 5.


Credit to Mudkip
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Nabber said:
Might watch it, since RvB Season 10 was a disappointment.
It's well worth the watch. There isn't a lot of action for the first couple episodes, because it's setting things up, but it all makes sense, and it's worth it. I'm a Halo fan who wasn't sure I wanted to get Halo 4 yet (was thinking I'd wait for Christmas), and it was such a good set up for the new game, I'm trying to get it this weekend. I've had people who aren't halo fans at all and aren't fans of the series tell me they were able to follow and understand the story, and enjoyed it.

It really appeals to not just halo fans, though as a halo fan, you'll get it quicker, and there are tidbits that will pop out at you more. I don't want to spoil anything here yet, but the emotion and the action are good. Character development is also good, even though it's only 5 episodes long, they pull it off.