Animaniacs on The Hub?


Donkey Kong
Today, The Hub aired Wakko's Wish (along with the episode parodying Power Rangers to fill time), as opposed to Nicktoons or Cartoon Network. I hope this means that they got the rights to air the show!



Donkey Kong
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Psh it's the hub dude, they're literally the best out there.

Not surprising after prime and gi joe renegades.


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That'd make my day if they actually aired old Animaniacs episodes on the Channel. Wakko's Wish has been syndicated quite a bit.

That plus Friendship is Magic would be pure bliss.


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animaniacs on the hub?!

now i have an excuse to turn the channel on when skulldug's in the room!


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Ah man, Animaniacs was great. Really glad to see it come to the Hub.


Benjamin Judd
Isn't Wakko's wish the one where Dot gets her cutie mark?


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SiFi said:
Isn't Wakko's wish the one where Dot gets her cutie mark?
no it's obviously the one where dot finds 5 other people

and then they save the world using the elements of music harmony

and then a giant pony princess comes and tells her

"screw you, you live here now, you found other people that aren't royalty, so YOU NO LIVE IN CASTLE NOW"


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How can Shoey not laugh at

"Begone, pests, and give me the bird!"

"We'd love to really, but the Fox censors won't allow it..."


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shoey hates everything that isn't lawman or ambush bug

haven't you guys figured that out by now