Re-opening site!!!


Koopa Troopa
Hey everyone! I wanted to let everyone know that me and Jordan Leddy are re-opening our site from now until the end of the summer! For those who haven't been to the site yet, we do reviews of different movies we see, and different video games we play. We also have extras, like comics we make, game for you to play on the site, and more! For those who have already been there, be ready for a surprise. Me and Jordan are now doing video reviews! Check out some of his video review on Youtube. His account name is jzl42, no caps or spaces. Anyways, check out the site by typing in this URL:

Thanks for reading this, hope you enjoy the site.

tripod is a fail they have lotsa popups :(
do you not have a pop-up blocker? They work great. No bugs either guys, the site is 100% safe. If I rly got enough views combined with you guys and my friends then I will update to the non- pop up version of tripod sites. But I need to know how the site looks so far. Unfortunately there are limitations.