New Mario 64 Renders


Hello, I'm TRBB. I joined in 2010 and I was the one who made a thread about Princess Shokora regarding a color picture I found of her. The image was reject because it wasn't high enough quality, if you still want the image I can give you a link.

I was looking up some Nintendo 64 renders and realized there was some Mario renders that weren't on the Mario 64 Gallery. I thought I'd like to make a contribution to this site.

Thank you and you're welcome.


Ah no, it's fine. I'm not good with coding, I just wanted to let someone on this site know. Here's the Shokora one I wanted to add two years ago:


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(Bumping because the subject above interests me)

We have a small monochrome artwork of Princess Shokora uploaded on the wiki. See below;

But the one you showed us, I've never seen it in color like that before. The art is amazing, but it is such a shame that half of the dress is cut off. I'll upload it anyway. Hopefully a quality artwork of the Princess eventually appears.

EDIT: I just uploaded this;

I cropped out unnecessary parts of the original image, and made an attempt to sharpen the quality a bit. The alternative monochrome has been kept as a separate file, because it's good to have both examples on the article. If a better quality image is ever found, it will replace both of them. Thank you TRBB for finding this one ;D