Collab: Removing navigation template categories


Dry Bowser
Wiki Bureaucrat
'Shroom Consultant
As per MarioWiki:Navigation Templates and MarioWiki:Categories, navigation templates should not contain categories for the pages that they are meant to be on. This was allowed in the past, but this needs to be changed in accordance to current policy. Most nav templates have something like this;

<includeonly>[[Category:Luigi's Mansion]]</includeonly> an example. What this does is automatically categorizes all pages where the template is applied. This is not permitted, and all affected nav templates need to be changed. But please note that simply removing the category form the nav template is not sufficient. We first need to properly categorize all pages that the template is currently on, that is make sure that the page is individually categorized rather than with the automated template category. If we removed the category from a nav template straight up, chances are that there is a page where there is no individual category, which won't show in the category page after the template has been modified. What we need to do is find a nav template with the <includeonly> category and thoroughly check each page in that category for an individual category code. Look for something like this at the bottom of the page;

[[Category:Luigi's Mansion]]

...for example. After you are sure that all pages are correctly categorized, remove the <includeonly> stuff from the nav template and no page categories should be affected. A good way to check if this has been done correctly is to note how many pages there are in the category before the nav code removal. Then after the nave code removal, if the number is the same after the category page has been refreshed, then you have done it correctly. Remember that notice templates are permitted to have their own <includeonly> category.

So... why are you still reading this? Get out there and remove some nav categories!

wow... I said the word "category" an awful lot here...