Collaboration: {{italic title}}


Celestial Guide
Since porple brought back {{italic title}} and updated the naming policy to reflect upon it, I am creating this.

for titles without other text, such as Super Mario Bros., type {{italic title}} at the top.

for titles with other text, type {{italic title|''Game or series'' (text)}}, or now because of the new subpage policy, {{italic title|List of ____ in ''Game''}} or {{italic title|List of ''Game'' ____}}
Why was it scrapped in the first place? It seems like a good idea.
It wasn't scrapped really, just never done on a wide scale before.

Remember to only use this to italicize games titles/series and whatever else we normally italicize.
Pokémon Trainer Nate said:
for titles with (text), type {{DISPLAYTITLE:''Game or series'' (text)}}
No, type {{italic title|''game or series'' (text)}}

DISPLAYTITLE is for things like e-Reader or #1 Iggy's Castle (Iggy's Castle), where the title includes weird characters or capitalization: if it's just italics, {{italic text}} can handle it.

Anyway, pretty sure all the games and series articles are done, including TV series, movies and most if not all the books. I didn't do individual comic issues (i.e. Club Nintendo issues), since those aren't italicized at all on the wiki (for the most part), afaik. I'm not sure if that should be left as-is or if we do want to start italicizing them, however I do know that TV show episodes definitely should not get italicized. Most of the "List of X in Y" things aren't done, nor are most random titles with the game/series names in them.
I don't think they are all done yet. Let's leave this thread up for awareness on this subject.